Utah Department of Administrative Services

Division of Archives & Records Service

Board Members

The Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board is a nine member board appointed by the governor. The following members currently serve on the board:

Patricia Smith-Mansfield
Director, Utah State Archives
Jeff Anderson
Collection Development Specialist, Family & Church History
Term Expires: May 2014

Valeen Brown
Piute County Auditor/Clerk
Sixth District Court Clerk
Term Expires: May 2016

Vik Brown
Sherratt Library Associate Director, Southern Utah University
Term Expires: May 2014

Clint Pumphrey
Merrill-Cazier Library Special Collections &
Archives, Utah State University
Term Expires: May 2017

Linda Smith
Morgan County Historical Scoiety Director
Term Expires: May 2016

Michael Ross
Salt Lake Police Department
Term Expires: May 2016

Sam Passey
Administrator, Emery County Archives
Term Expires: May 2014

For additional information regarding terms please see the Governor's Executive Boards webpage.