Module 5: Applicability to Political Subdivisions, the Judiciary, and the Legislature

There are exceptions to the applicability of GRAMA. Political subdivisions, the judiciary, and the Legislature have certain latitude.

Section 5.1 Applicability to the Judiciary; Applicability to the Legislature (63G-2-702, 63G-2-703)

The Judiciary and the Legislature and its staff offices, in Sections 63G-2-702 and 63G-2-703 respectively, are exempt from some of the requirements of GRAMA. Their records are still the property of the state, and classification standards and access requirements cannot be altered. However, they are not subject to the appeals process of which the state records committee is a part. The Judiciary and the Legislature are responsible for the management and retention of their own records, may establish their own records retention schedules, and are not subject to GRAMA fee schedules.