Utah Department of Administrative Services

Division of Archives & Records Service

Government Records Laws

Local Governance

Political subdivisions can adopt ordinances and policies regarding records that are applicable throughout their jurisdiction. These ordinances and policies must comply with state law. The following local governments have posted or filed them with the State Archives:


Utah State Law

  • Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA)
    Utah's primary records law, sometimes referred to as the open records law
    Current GRAMA law, Utah Code 63G-2
    Current GRAMA law, as PDF or PDF w/o adjusted margins
    Previous GRAMA laws: PDF

  • Public Records Management Act (PRMA)
    Outlines records management responsibilities for all governmental entities
    Utah Code 63A-12 or PDF
  • Uniform Electronic Transactions Act
    Validates the use of electronic records and signatures
    Utah Code 46-4
  • Open and Public Meetings Act
    Outlines requirements for open and public meetings and records
    Utah Code 52-4
  • Technology Governance Act (Public Notice Website)
    Outlines requirements for public notices posted on the Public Notice Website
    Utah Code 63F-1-701, 702


Federal Law

Generally, federal laws apply to federal records. However, some federal laws impact records created or maintained in Utah. Laws that deal specifically with records access are:


Case Law

The following cases may serve as precedents for records-related laws.

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  • United States Supreme Court
    Houchins, Sheriff of the County of Alameda, California v. KQED, INC., et al.
    National Archives and Records Administration v. Favish et al.
  • Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals
    Republic Outdoor Advertising, LC v. UT Department of Transportation, Division II
    John Doe v. Mark Shurtleff, Office of the Attorney General for the State of Utah
    Reginald Williams v. Michael Sibbett; Utah Board of Pardons; Utah Department of Corrections; Utah State Prison et al.
    Steven Onysko v. Administrative Review Board, United States Department of Labor
  • Utah Supreme Court

    John H. Redding v. Rodney H. Brady, President of Weber State College
    John H. Redding v. T. Harold Jacobsen
    KUTV, Inc., a Nevada Corporation, and Karl Idsvoog v. Utah State Board of Education
    State of Utah v. Gino Maestas
    Brent D. Young v. SLC and SLCo. Sheriff
    Frank Medel, Jr. v. State of Utah
    Deseret News v. Salt Lake County
    Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, and the Wilderness Society v. The Automated Geographic Reference Center, within the Division of Information Technology, and the Utah State Records Committee
    Farley Anderson; Helen Anderson; Steven Maxfield; and Steven Maxfield v. Lt Governor Gregg Bell; Mark Thomas; Paul Neuenschwander; Spencer Hadley; and John Does 1-10

    Daniel V. Schroeder v. Utah Attorney General's Office; and Utah State Records Committee

  • Utah Court of Appeals
    Mark E. Graham v. Davis County Solid Waste Management and Energy Recovery Special Service District
    State of Utah v. Sandra Spry aka Sandra Chlopitsky
    Barbara Schwarz v. State of Utah, State Records Committee
    UT Dept. of Public Safety, Driver License Division v. Robot Aided Manufacturing Center, Inc. dba Explore Information Services; and State Records Committee
    Nasrulla Khan v. State Records Committee, Dept. of Public Safety
    Lawrence M. Jackson v. State of Utah
    Nasrulla Khan v. Ogden City Records & Ogden City Police Dept.
    Murray City v. Steven Maese and Utah State Records Committee
    Murray City v. Steven Maese and Utah State Records Committee
    S. Steven Maese v. Tooele County
    S. Steven Maese v. Davis County
    Reginald Williams v. Department of Corrections
    Lynn K. Packer v. Utah Attorney General’s Office
    Salt Lake City Corporation v. Mark Haik
    Roger Bryner v. Canyon School District


  • Utah District Court
    Prison Legal news v. Kim Chesire
    John Doe v. Mark Shurtleff
    Douglas Stewart Carter v. Steven Turley
    Patricia Ann Dimmitt v. Utah Transit Authority
    P.J., a minor v. State of Utah; Intermountain Health Care, Inc.
    Reginald Williams v. Michael R. Sibbett
    Elizabeth Wood v. Farmington City, Utah
    Kathleen Johns v. U.S. Child Support Recovery
    Jeffrey B. Lawrence v. Clayton Bell, Emery County, Shawn Alton & Gary Riches
    Morgan Fife v. State Records Committee, and Orem City
    Murray City v. Steven S. Maese, and Utah State Records Committee
    Steve Maxfield v. Office of the Lieutenant Governor, Utah State Records Committee
    Utah Department of Corrections v. Alex Campbell, BuzzFeed, Inc., Utah State Records Committee
    Daniel Rivera v. DCFS, Utah State Records Committee
    Daniel V. Schroeder v. Utah Attorney General's Office; and Utah State Archives Records Committee
    Chad Lambourne v. Provo City, Utah