Utah Department of Administrative Services

Division of Archives & Records Service

Retention and Classification Reports by Agency

powered by APPXThe following links will run a report from our database that will list all retention schedules for your agency's records. Some reports are very large (100 or more pages). Each agency name is listed according to library cataloging standards, which means that many will be alphabetized under "Dept. of," "Division of," or "State Office of."



Tabiona (Utah)
Taylor-West Weber Water Improvement District (Utah)
Teacher Retirement Commission
Technology Finance Corporation
Territorial Superintendent of Public Instruction
This Is The Place Monument Commission
Thompson Special Service District (Utah)
Timpanogos Special Service District (Utah)
Tintic School District (Utah)
Tooele (Utah). City Council
Tooele (Utah). City Court
Tooele (Utah). Community Development Department
Tooele City Mining District (Utah). Recorder
Tooele County (Utah). Board of Education
Tooele County (Utah). County Assessor
Tooele County (Utah). County Auditor
Tooele County (Utah). County Clerk
Tooele County (Utah). County Commission
Tooele County (Utah). County Commission. Bureau of Personnel
Tooele County (Utah). County Court
Tooele County (Utah). County Recorder
Tooele County (Utah). County Sheriff
Tooele County (Utah). County Treasurer
Tooele County (Utah). Department of Health
Tooele County (Utah). Justice of the Peace : Deep Creek
Tooele County (Utah). Justice of the Peace : Gold Hill Precinct
Tooele County (Utah). Justice of the Peace : Grantsville Precinct
Tooele County (Utah). Justice of the Peace : Tooele Valley Precinct
Tooele County (Utah). Justice of the Peace : Wendover Precinct
Tooele County (Utah). Probate Court
Tooele County School District (Utah)
Tooele Valley Mosquito Abatement District (Utah)
Toquerville (Utah)
Torrey (Utah)
Tourist and Publicity Council
Trade Commission
Treasurer. Unclaimed Property Division
Tremonton (Utah)
Trenton (Utah)
Tropic (Utah)
Tuberculosis Hospital
Tutsagubet Mining District (Utah). Recorder


Uintah Animal Control and Shelter Special Service District (Utah)
Uintah Basin Applied Technology College (Utah)
Uintah Basin Association of Governments (Utah)
Uintah County (Utah). County Assessor
Uintah County (Utah). County Auditor
Uintah County (Utah). County Clerk
Uintah County (Utah). County Commission
Uintah County (Utah). County Recorder
Uintah County (Utah). County Surveyor
Uintah County (Utah). County Treasurer
Uintah County (Utah). Sheriff's Office
Uintah County Cemeteries Department (Utah)
Uintah County School District (Utah)
Uintah Mosquito Abatement District (Utah)
Uintah Transportation Special Service District (Utah)
United States. Commissioner's Court
United States. Bureau of Land Management
United States. Department of the Interior
United States. Internal Revenue Service
University of Utah
University of Utah. Medical Center. Family and Preventive Medicine
University of Utah. Department of Campus Police
University of Utah. Medical Center
Utah Advisory Council on Intergovernmental Affairs
Utah Columbus Quincentenary Commission
Utah Commission
Utah Commission for Women and Families
Utah Counties Indemnity Pool
Utah County (Utah). City/County Health Department
Utah County (Utah). County Assessor
Utah County (Utah). County Auditor
Utah County (Utah). County Clerk
Utah County (Utah). County Commission
Utah County (Utah). County Recorder
Utah County (Utah). County Sheriff
Utah County (Utah). County Surveyor
Utah County (Utah). County Treasurer
Utah County (Utah). Housing Authority
Utah County (Utah). Jail
Utah County (Utah). Justice of the Peace : American Fork Precinct
Utah County (Utah). Justice of the Peace : Colton Precinct
Utah County (Utah). Justice of the Peace : Provo Precinct
Utah County (Utah). Planning Commission
Utah County (Utah). Pleasant Grove School District
Utah County (Utah). Probate Court
Utah County (Utah). Road Commission
Utah County (Utah). School Superintendent
Utah County (Utah). Water Commission
Utah Developmental Disabilties Council
Utah Expositions Commission
Utah Health Technology Certification Center
Utah Highway Patrol Civil Service Commission
Utah Juvenile Court and Probation Commission
Utah Local Governments Trust
Utah Office for Victims of Crime
Utah Science, Technology, and Research Authority
Utah State Tax Commission
Utah State Tax Commission. Accounting Section
Utah State Tax Commission. Administration Division
Utah State Tax Commission. Auditing Division
Utah State Tax Commission. Collections Division
Utah State Tax Commission. Division of Motor Vehicle Enforcement
Utah State Tax Commission. Division of Motor Vehicles
Utah State Tax Commission. Division of Operations
Utah State Tax Commission. Division of Operations. Central Services
Utah State Tax Commission. Economic & Statistical Unit
Utah State Tax Commission. Processing Division
Utah State Tax Commission. Property Tax Division
Utah State Tax Commission. Taxpayer Services Division
Utah State Tax Commission. Technology Management
Utah State University
Utah State University Eastern
Utah State University. Division of Extension Service. Tooele County
Utah Statehood Centennial Commission
Utah Tomorrow Strategic Planning Committee
Utah Transit Authority
Utah Valley Dispatch Special Service District (Utah County)
Utah Valley University
Utah World's Fair Commission
Utah. Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission


Valley Emergency Communications Center (Utah)
Vernal (Utah)
Vernal (Utah). Police Department
Veterans Training Program
Vineyard (Utah)
Virgin (Utah)
Volunteer Office


Warren-West Warren Cemetery Maintenance District (Utah)
Wasatch County (Utah). County Assessor
Wasatch County (Utah). County Auditor
Wasatch County (Utah). County Clerk
Wasatch County (Utah). County Commission
Wasatch County (Utah). County Recorder
Wasatch County (Utah). County Surveyor
Wasatch County (Utah). County Treasurer
Wasatch County (Utah). Justice of the Peace : Third Precinct
Wasatch County (Utah). Probate Court
Wasatch County School District (Utah)
Wasatch Front Regional Council (Utah)
Wasatch Integrated Waste Management District (Davis County, Utah)
Wasatch Peak Academy (Utah)
Washington City (Utah)
Washington County (Utah)
Washington County (Utah). County Assessor
Washington County (Utah). County Auditor
Washington County (Utah). County Clerk
Washington County (Utah). County Commission
Washington County (Utah). County Court
Washington County (Utah). County Recorder
Washington County (Utah). County Sheriff
Washington County (Utah). County Surveyor
Washington County (Utah). County Treasurer
Washington County (Utah). Human Resources Department
Washington County (Utah). Justice of the Peace : Silver Reef
Washington County (Utah). Justice of the Peace : St. George
Washington County (Utah). Library
Washington County (Utah). Planning Commission
Washington County (Utah). Probate Court
Washington County (Utah). Superintendent of District Schools
Washington County School District (Utah)
Washington County School District (Utah). Dixie High School
Washington Terrace (Utah)
Water and Power Board
Water Storage Commission
Wayne County (Utah). County Auditor
Wayne County (Utah). County Clerk
Wayne County (Utah). County Commission
Wayne County (Utah). County Recorder
Wayne County (Utah). County Treasurer
Wayne County School District (Utah)
Weber Area Council of Governments (Utah)
Weber Basin Water Conservancy District (Utah)
Weber County (Utah). Board of Equalization
Weber County (Utah). Commission for the Poor
Weber County (Utah). County Assessor
Weber County (Utah). County Attorney
Weber County (Utah). County Auditor
Weber County (Utah). County Clerk
Weber County (Utah). County Commission
Weber County (Utah). County Coroner
Weber County (Utah). County Court
Weber County (Utah). County Recorder
Weber County (Utah). County Sheriff
Weber County (Utah). County Surveyor
Weber County (Utah). County Treasurer
Weber County (Utah). Justice of the Peace
Weber County (Utah). Justice of the Peace : 1st Precinct
Weber County (Utah). Justice of the Peace : 2nd Precinct
Weber County (Utah). Justice of the Peace : 4th Precinct
Weber County (Utah). Justice of the Peace : 5th Precinct
Weber County (Utah). Justice of the Peace : Hooper Precinct
Weber County (Utah). Justice of the Peace : Ogden Precinct
Weber County (Utah). Justice of the Peace : Slaterville Precinct
Weber County (Utah). Library
Weber County (Utah). Planning Commission
Weber County (Utah). Poundkeeper
Weber County (Utah). Probate Court
Weber County (Utah). Vital Statistics Registrar
Weber County Mosquito Abatement District (Utah)
Weber County Soil Conservation District (Utah)
Weber School District (Utah)
Weber State University (Utah)
Weber-Box Elder Conservation District (Utah)
Weber-Morgan District Health Department
Wellington (Utah)
Wellsville (Utah)
Wendover (Utah)
West Bountiful (Utah)
West Jordan (Utah)
West Jordan (Utah). Sexton
West Jordan (Utah). Treasurer
West Valley City (Utah). City Attorney
West Valley City (Utah). City Council
West Valley City (Utah). City Manager
West Valley City (Utah). Community & Economic Development
West Valley City (Utah). Department of Administration
West Valley City (Utah). Finance Department
West Valley City (Utah). Fire Department
West Valley City (Utah). Police Department
West Valley City (Utah). Public Works Department
White Canyon Mining District (Utah). Recorder
White City Water Improvement District (Salt Lake County, Utah)
Willard (Utah)
Willard Mining District (Utah). Recorder
Williams Mining District (Utah). Recorder
Willow Springs Mining District (Utah). Recorder
Woodruff (Utah)
Workers Compensation Fund Division. Accounting
Workers Compensation Fund Division. Administration
Workers Compensation Fund Division. Bureau of Legal Services
Workers Compensation Fund Division. Claims
Workers Compensation Fund Division. Data Processing
Workers Compensation Fund Division. Policyholder Services
Workers' Compensation Fund Division


Youth Development Center