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Series 1199

Utah Expositions Commission Correspondence and subject files

Some records may not be available for research from June 1-11, 2015 due to equipment upgrades. Please consider visiting beforehand or contacting the Research Center for more information.

Dates: 1913-1916.

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

An agency history is available.

Scope and Content

This series consists of subject-oriented files created by the Expositions Commission which document the planning, construction, furnishing, maintenance, and closing of the Utah buildings and exhibits at the Panama-Pacific and Panama-California Expositions. The primary record type is correspondence. Contracts, bids, reports, pamphlets, photographs, and newspaper clippings are also included.


Alphabetical by subject.

Research Note

The Expositions Commission did not necessarily sort these records by whether the records were relative to the Panama-Pacific or to the Panama-California Exposition. For those files which were easily identifiable as pertaining to one or the other, the file headings will include a note regarding which Exposition is of relevance.

Related Records

Financial records from the Utah Expositions Commission, Series 19670, contain lists of expenditures and receipts specifically mentioned in this series.

Minutes from the Utah Expositions Commission, Series 19671, include many of the issues represented in this series.

Access Restrictions

This series is classified as Public.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Processing Note

This series was processed in 1998 by Arlene Schmuland. The original arrangement appears to have been subject-oriented, but other subject headings may have been imposed at some point. Acidic papers have been replaced by acid-free photocopies.

Indexing Terms

  • Utah Expositions Commission—Management.

Container List

1 1 Artworks
1 2 Awards; (Oversize medal certificate removed)
1 3 Building Agreements; Panama-California Exposition
1 4 Building Agreements; Panama-Pacific Exposition
1 5 Building Bids; Panama-California Exposition
1 6 Building Bids; Panama-Pacific Exposition
1 7 Building Closing; Panama-California Exposition
1 8 Building Closing; Panama-Pacific Exposition
1 9 Building Grounds
1 10 Building Photographs; Panama-California Exposition
1 11 Building Photographs; Panama-Pacific Exposition
1 12 Building Photographs; Panama-Pacific Exposition (Cont.)
1 13 Exhibits; Coal; (Oversize blueprint removed)
1 14 Exhibits, Copper
1 15 Exhibits; Education
1 16 Exhibits; Horticulture; 1916
1 17 Exhibits; Horticulture; 1915
1 18 Exhibits; Horticulture; 1913?1914
1 19 Exhibits; Livestock
1 20 Exhibits; Mining
1 21 Exhibits; Photographs
1 22 Exposition Photographs
1 23 Fund-raising; County Commissioners
1 24 Furnishings; Furniture
1 25 Furnishings; Furniture from Schools
1 26 Furnishings; Salt Lake Electrical Supply Co.
1 27 Guidelines and Rules; Panama-California Exposition
1 28 Guidelines and Rules; Panama-Pacific Exposition
1 29 Hostess; Panama-California Exposition
1 30 Hostess; Panama-Pacific Exposition
1 31 Inventories; Panama-California Exposition
1 32 Inventories; Panama-Pacific Exposition
1 33 Land Companies
1 34 Materials and Services; Contributors
1 35 Merrill, Lewis A.; Death of
1 36 Panama-Pacific Exposition History
1 37 Planning; Panama-California Exposition
1 38 Planning; Panama-Pacific Exposition; (Oversize map of Exposition Grounds removed.)
1 39 Press Releases; News Clippings
1 40 Promotional Materials; Panama-California Exposition; (Oversize flyer removed.)
1 41 Promotional Materials; Panama-Pacific Exposition
1 42 Promotional Materials; Utah; (Two oversize maps, one poster removed)
1 43 Promotional Materials; Utah; (Cont.)
2 1 Reports
2 2 Special Events
2 3 Superintendent; Panama-California Exposition
2 4 Superintendent; Panama-Pacific Exposition
2 5 Superintendent; Panama-Pacific Exposition (Cont.)
2 6 Utah Agricultural College
2 7 Utah Day; Panama-Pacific Exposition
8 1 Oversize items