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Series 22724

District Court (First District : Cache County) Probate registers of actions

Dates: 1864-1988.

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

An agency history is available.

Scope and Content

The register of actions or docket book provides a summary of actions filed in probate cases, including a brief abstract of motions and orders, the amount of fees collected, and the eventual disposition. Included are cases tried in territorial probate court, October 1883 to December 1895, and in state district court, January 1896 to May 1966. Some volumes are called Probate and Guardianship Proceedings.

The register of actions or docket book is a listing of all actions relative to an individual case, often on a single page, providing a complete history including the number and title of case, names of attorneys, types and dates of actions filed, amount of fees, and volume and page number of minute book where action is recorded. Because of the unusual jurisdiction of the probate court, the registers include isolated civil matters (primarily divorces, which have separate alphanumeric case numbers) as well as probate cases.


Numerical by case number.

The Cache County probate registers of actions, 1864-1966, are arranged numerically by consecutive case number.

Research Note

The register of actions acts as an index to minute books and records books, thus providing easy access to begin a search in judicial records. Evidently estate numbers began to be assigned in approximately 1914. Cases filed in the district court since statehood as well as some originally filed with the Cache County Probate Court (1881-1896) presumably were assigned numbers according to the date of filing. These cases have logical numbers at the beginning of the numbering scheme, however, over 60 territorial (1864-1895) and early statehood (1899-1908) cases initially were overlooked. A block of case numbers was reserved for these cases. As batches were discovered and incorporated into the system, case numbers 1226-1287 were assigned and case information entered on blank pages. Information about several of these cases is recorded on a single page (a departure from the normal procedure of devoting an entire page to each case). When entries for a single case filled a full page, entries were continued on the next available blank page. Numerical order resumes with the filing of the next estate. Case numbers 1290-1473 were never assigned. Two separate volumes both were designated volume 1. The first has cases 1-407 and numbers 1226-1287. The second has cases 412-807. Volume 1A has cases 810-1225.

Related Records

Probate record books from the District Court (First District : Cache County), Series 767, include transcriptions of wills, bonds, letters testamentary, and related probate documents.

Probate case files from the District Court (First District : Cache County), Series 1532, include the documents whose filing in probate matters is recorded in the registers of actions.

Probate index from the District Court (First District : Cache County), Series 22659, provides an alternate source for case numbers.

Probate account books from the District Court (First District : Cache County), Series 22725, were superseded by the registers of actions.

Probate minute/record books from the District Court (First District : Cache County), Series 22905, are a daily record of actions taken in probate matters.

Custody History

Registers of action or docket books were maintained by the court clerk appointed by the district court judge. At statehood, the county clerk was designated ex-officio court clerk. The registers were in the custody of the county/district clerk when they were microfilmed in 1966.

Additional Forms

This series is available on microfilm.

Access Restrictions

This series is classified as Exempt.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Processing Note

According to the 1994 records retention policy of the Utah Judicial Council, registers of actions are considered permanent records. The 1994 Utah State Courts Retention Schedule authorizes microfilming and destruction of original records following a ten-year retention (page 8). Registers of actions were first designated as permanent records in 1983. These records were filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah in May 1966. These microfilm copies purchased by the Utah State Archives were archivally processed by W. Glen Fairclough, Jr., in May 2000. An inventory of court records in 2006 led to the discovery of new volumes in the court. These volumes were microfilmed and processed by Jim Kichas in July 2008.

Finding Aids

Indexes: An alphabetic name index is included at the front of each volume, allowing easy identification of the case number without going through a page-by-page search.

Indexing Terms

  • Executors and administrators--Utah--Cache County.
  • Court records--Cache County (Utah).
  • Probate records--Cache County (Utah).
  • Adoption--Cache County (Utah).
  • Guardian and ward--Cache County (Utah).
  • Cache County (Utah)--Trials.

Container List

1 1 1883-1906 1-407
1 1 1899-1907 412-713
2 1 1899-1907 714-807
2 1A 1907-1914 810-1225
1 1 1864-1908 1226-1287
2 2 1914-1920 1474-1993
2 3 1920-1921 1994-2041
3 3 1921-1926 2042-2518
3 4 1926-1933 2519-3070
3 5 1933-1934 3071-3172
4 5 1934-1938 3173-3619
4 6 1938-1944 3620-4178
4 7 1944-1945 4179-4293
5 7 1945-1948 4294-4758
5 8 1948-1953 4765-5343
5 9 1953-1955 5344-5464
6 9 1955-1958 5465-5878
6 10 1958-1963 5879-6446
6 11 1963-1964 6447-6583
7 11 1964-1966 6584-6766
8 11 1963-1968 6767-7007
8 12 1968-1973 7008-7568
9 13 1973-1978 7569-8142
9 14 1978-1982 8143-8732
10 15 1982-1986 8733-9322
10 16 1986-1988 9323-9534