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State Records Committee Appeal Decision Summaries, 2013-2015

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Case Number Case Title/Participants Records Sought Ruling
13-01 Sandra J. Senn vs.
Utah Department of Public Safety
Order of Continuance
13-02 Cedar Hills Citizens for Responsible Government vs.
City of Cedar Hills
Copies of legal invoices for the City of Cedar Hills. Appeal Denied
13-03 Harshad Desai vs.
Utah State Tax Commission
Personal property audits from Garfield County Order of Dismissal
13-04 Larry Hartlerode vs.
Unified Fire Authority of Greater Salt Lake
Records pertaining to various fire complaints made against his property to the Unified Fire Authority of Greater Salt Lake between October 2011 to November 2012. Appeal Partly Granted
13-05 Phillip Leishman vs.
Utah Department of Corrections
Records regarding security clearances granted for another prison inmate. Appeal Denied
13-06 Eric Peterson vs.
Utah Attorney General's Office
  Order of Continuance
13-07 Reginald Williams vs.
Utah Department of Corrections
Peace Officer Standards and Training (“POST”) records for seven former and current Corrections employees. Appeal Denied
13-08 Eric Peterson vs. Utah Attorney General's Office   Order of Continuance
13-09 Clara Fernanda Ruiz vs. Department of Administrative Services Records from the Utah Department of Administrative Services pursuant to Utah’s Government Records Access and Management Act. Appeal Denied
13-10 Robert Gehrke, Salt Lake Tribune vs.
Utah Attorney General's Office
Copies of any subpoenas for testimony or documents received by the Attorney General’s office or members of the office from federal investigative agencies since April 1, 2013. Appeal Granted
13-11 Corey Vonberg vs.
Iron County Sherriff's Office
Policy and procedure the office is required to follow in investigating an alleged child sex offense requiring a Children’s Justice Center interview, pertaining to November 2003. Appeal Denied
13-12 Colleen Schulte vs.
Summit County Attorney's Office
Records showing all communications between the Summit County Attorney’s Office and Dean Schulte regarding a pending criminal case. Appeal Denied
13-13 Eric Peterson vs.
Utah Attorney General's Office
E-mails, documents, text messages, and other correspondence between employees in the AG’s Office and specified individuals related to the Whitewater VII development investigation Appeal Partially Granted
13-14 Morgan Fife vs.
City of Orem
Documents related to a Request for Proposal prepared by the City of Orem, dated April 18, 2013 Appeal Denied
13-15 Roger Bryner vs.
City of Cottonwood Heights
Any documents showing fees of police records, specified GRAMA request responses, and policies of redaction of police records. Order of Continuance
13-16 Mark Shenefelt, Managing Editor for the Standard Examiner vs.
Willard City
A police report and any associated documents regarding an incident occurring at a residence in Willard on June 27, 2013 Appeal Partially Granted
13-17 Damon Crist vs.
Utah Department of Corrections
All disciplinary records of a doctor employed by Corrections working in the Medical Unit of the Draper Prison. Appeal Denied
13-18 Reginald Williams vs.
Utah Department of Workforce Services
First and final bank statements for the American Recovery Reinvestment Act and Development Block Grant. Appeal Partially Granted
13-19 Roger Bryner vs.
City of Cottonwood Heights
Police reports and communications regarding GRAMA requests. Appeal Partially Granted
14-01 William Hill vs.
Utah Department of Corrections
Petitioner's Pre-Sentence Investigation Report Appeal Denied
14-02 Lee Davidson, reporter for the Salt Lake Tribune vs.
Utah State Tax Commission
Letters, emails, memos, records of phone calls or other communication from or to the commission and/or its staff from outside parties regarding development of its policy on whether same-sex couples married in other states could file joint returns in Utah. Appeal Partially Granted
14-03 Nate Carlisle, reporter for the Salt Lake Tribune vs. Bluffdale City Email and other correspondence regarding the National Security Agency (NSA), city agreements to allow the NSA to use water for their facility, and records of daily water usage. Appeal Granted
14-04 Jessica Phillips vs.
West Jordan Police Department
Any video and audio recording from patrol vehicle dashboards of officers who responded to the scene of the petitioner’s DUI arrest, plus any video of the room in which the intoxilyzer was administered or other rooms in which the petitioner was held. Appeal Granted
14-05 Lynn Kenneth Packer vs.
Utah Attorney General's Office and the Utah Department of Administrative Services
Vehicle fleet records pertaining to vehicles assigned to employees who are investigators for the Utah Attorney General Office Appeal Denied
14-06 Corey Vonberg vs.
Iron County Attorney's Office
Records which identify Shawn R. Keith as a confidential informant. Appeal Denied
14-07 Sam Allen vs.
Eagle Mountain City
Fee waiver for credit card statements and other records received from Eagle Mountain City Appeal Partially Granted
14-08 Jack Jessop vs.
Utah Department of Corrections
Records of all information sheets from the prescription drug manufacturers that accompanied the prescriptions petitioner was receiving while incarcerated by Corrections. Appeal Denied
14-09 Justin Crosbie vs.
Utah Department of Corrections
All office and field notes entered by an agent regarding Mr. Crosbie, progress reports, as well as polygraph and PPG results, a copy of a warrant request and a parole violation report to the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole, all government cell phone records, including pictures and e-mails generated by Mr. Crosbie’s parole agent, and all outgoing and incoming e-mails by Mr. Crosbie’s parole agent from 2011 to the present. Appeal Denied
14-10 Corey Vonberg vs.
Iron County Attorney's Office
Record identifying the date Respondent disposed of its case file for State v. Keith, Case No. 025501031, Fifth District Court, Iron County, State of Utah. Appeal Denied
14-11 Cathy Johnson vs.
Utah Lieutanant Governor's Office
Notary log. Appeal Denied
14-12 Raymond Payne vs.
Utah Department of Corrections
Fee waiver to obtain a copy of the Corrections’ Policy FD01 Offender Discipline Procedures. Appeal Denied
14-13 Dennis J. Garcia vs.
Utah Board of Pardons
Records that reflect the vote of the members of the Board of Pardons on a restitution order. Appeal Denied
14-14 Alex Campbell, reporter with Buzzfeed, Inc. vs.
Utah Department of Corrections
A database of all inmates currently housed in the Utah Department of Corrections, including but not limited to: inmate name, inmate number, date of birth, conviction and/or sentence date, offense(s), and sentence length.” Petitioner also requested a fee waiver. Appeal Partially Granted
14-15 Harshad Desai vs.
Garfield County School District
Fee waiver or a reduction of fees. Appeal Partially Granted
14-16 Julie Holbrook vs.
South Jordan City Council
A copy of a letter engaging auditors to review Mulligans Golf and Games, and the draft audit report discussed at the July 1, 2014 Council meeting. Appeal Denied
14-17 Scott Gollaher vs.
Morgan County
Any subpoenas served on a police detective in two criminal cases where Mr. Gollaher is the Defendant. Appeal Granted
14-18 Truth in Advertising, Inc. vs.
Department of Commerce. Division of Consumer Protection
Records regarding any investigations and consumer complaints relating to a Utah Company, "Wake Up Now." Appeal Denied
14-19 Daniel Rivera, Jr. vs.
Department of Human Services, Division of Child and Family Services
Copies of police reports and records related to a police raid at petitioner's residence on October 28, 2011. Appeal Denied
14-20 Truth in Advertising Inc. vs.
Utah Department of Commerce, Division of Consumer Protection
Copies of consumer complaints filed concerning certain named companies. Appeal Granted
14-21 Jordanelle Special Services District vs.
Office of the Utah State Auditor
Documents and other records, including all communication between the Office if the Utah State Auditor and any other person, that relate to the “Standstill Agreement”. Appeal Denied
15-01 Harshad P. Desai vs.
Garfield County
Records relating to the appraisals, the individual appraisers and their credentials to appraise properties. Appeal Denied
15-02 Harsad P. Desai vs.
Utah State Tax Commission
Records relating to individual property appraisers, licensing and the appraisers' credentials to appraise specific properties. Appeal Denied
15-03 Paul G. Amann vs.
Department of Human Resource Management
A copy of a complaint filed against the Petitioner by an employee of the Utah Department of Commerce alleging “workplace harassment.” Also, all records used to support the complaint, and all communications: (1) To and from the Utah Division of Securities (“Securities”) employees regarding the complaint; (2) Between Securities and the Utah Attorney General’s Office regarding the complaint; and (3) Between the complainant and DHRM. Appeal Granted
15-04 Maximino Arriaga vs.
Utah Department of Corrections
Itemized copies of medical bills for medical services provided to another inmate whom Mr. Arriaga had been found guilty of assaulting the previous year. Appeal Denied
15-05 Scott Gollaher vs.
Department of Public Safety, Division of Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST)
Information pertaining to the possible disciplinary action(s) taken against former Detective William Z. Wetland, Badge No.: 20911, with relation to a conference held in Mesquite, Nevada during the week of September 24, 2012. Appeal Denied
15-06 Scott Gollaher vs.
Utah Attorney General's Office Criminal Division
Records received from the Salt Lake Police Department, police, staff or agency relating to petitioner, with specific focus on "all video, photos, records and recordings taken by Detective Suzanne Williams" executed on or about July 13, 2012. Appeal Denied
15-07 Scott Gollaher vs.
Weber County Sheriff's Office
Records regarding a search warrant relating to petitioner and executed on or about July 13, 2012. Appeal Granted
15-08 Scott Gollaher vs.
Morgan County Attorney's Office
All photos, video, records created by Weber County Sheriff’s Office in relationship to the search warrant executed at a specific address on or about July 13, 2012. Appeal Denied
15-09 Paul Amann vs.
Utah Department of Human Resource Management
  Order of Continuance
15-10 Harshad P. Desai vs.
Panguitch City
List of vendors in relation to the Panguitch City Balloon Festival as well as minutes from a June 24, 2014, meeting with Cheryl Church, manager of an organization known as Panguitch Main Street Committee. Appeal Denied
15-11 Thomas Dudley Beck vs.
Bluff Water Works Special Service District
Water usage data from 2007 through 2014. Appeal Granted

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