Digitization Projects Checklist

Following is a list of items to consider before applying for a USHRAB digitization project grant.

What needs to happen before digitization?

  • Appraise the records
    • Do they have an administrative, fiscal, legal, or historical value?
    • Are there any vital records? Vital records are essential and digital back ups become very important for recovery purposes
  • Process the records
    • Is there a complete index, finding aid, or catalog entry?

Once the records are processed then you need to answer these questions to determine if the records should be digitized and how that digitization will occur.

  • Is it appropriate for the Mountain West Digital Library?
  • Will the project be completed within the grant time limits?
  • How is the record to be used?
    • Is it still active (used daily, weekly)?
    • How is it accessed in the office?
    • Who can access the record and are there any access restrictions?
  • What is the appropriate level of scanning?
    • This depends on how the record will be used:
      • is there need for a preservation copy
      • will the image be reformatted for other purposes
      • is this an access copy only, etc.
    • What are the storage and back up requirements?
  • Should the digitization be outsourced or done in house?
  • What software will be used?
    • Is this for imaging or for online presentation?
  • Are the records for internal use or public use?

Where are the Mountain West Digital Library regional digitization centers and who are the contact people?

Page Last Updated February 6, 2019.