• We will expand and enhance cooperative networks of archival institutions, thereby encouraging communication, providing training, supporting responsible acquisition, improving preservation quality standards, reducing barriers to access, and promoting professional activity.
  • We will assist repositories to improve the quality of their archival services, including acquisition, preservation, and access.
  • We will promote public awareness of the value and diversity of documentary sources and encourage their use.
  • We will help the archival community and the public prepare for the management of new and changing record formats including electronic records.

Action Items

  • Promote Archives month.
  • Work for an endowment for History Fair students awarding best projects using repositories and/or original source documents.
  • Participate with the Utah Manuscripts Committee and cooperate on joint projects.
  • Distribute information about training opportunities and seminars to archivists throughout the state.
  • Conduct a training assessment, especially assessing needs of smaller institutions in the state.
  • Develop a directory of Utah repositories.
  • Support electronic initiative to preserve electronic records.
  • Support the access to records through new formats such as digitization.
  • Support the Mountain West Digital Library.
  • Seek NHPRC and other grants to foster a wide range of records identification, preservation, and access activities.
  • Promote the development of regional repositories.

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