Millard County (Utah). County Sheriff

Entity: 1476
Entity Type: County


County sheriffs and their deputies are responsible for the preservation of peace within the county. In addition to the general qualifications required of all elected county officers, the county sheriff must be certified as a peace officer and must remain so certified throughout the term of office. Duties of the sheriff include (1) preserving the peace, (2) making lawful arrests, (3) attending sessions of the court when required, (4) commanding the assistance of county inhabitants when necessary, (5) maintaining the county jail and jail prisoners, (6) receiving and safely keeping persons committed to his custody, (7) releasing attachments on real property when such attachment has been discharged, (8) serving all processes and notices as prescribed by law, (9) extinguishing fires on public lands within the county, and (10) performing other duties as required by law.


Law enforcement