Road Commission

Entity: 831
Entity Type: State Government


The State Road Commission was created March 23, 1909 and was responsible for the construction and maintenance of the state road system. In 1975, the Road Commission was dissolved and its duties were transferred to the new Department of Transportation.

Biography/History Notes

The functions of the commission included selecting roads to comprise the state road system; having direct charge of the State Road Building Fund; furnishing plans, specifications and estimates for road construction; preparing and issuing a manual of road building for the information and guidance of all officials having supervision of such work; keeping all records, maps, profiles and papers in the office of the State Engineer, for public inspection and reference; and submitting a biennial report to the Governor of all expenditures, general condition of the state road system and recommendations.

When created in 1909, the Road Commission consisted of the Governor, State Engineer, State Treasurer, and one member from the Agricultural College of Utah and the University of Utah. In 1941 the duties of the Road Commission were assigned to the newly created Engineering Commission. In 1957 the Road Commission became independent from the Engineering Commission. The Road Commission was reorganized in 1959 and served as the policy making agency for the Highway Department until 1975 when the Commission was dissolved and its duties transferred to the new Department of Transportation.