Utah Archives Month 2014

ARCHIVES MONTH is an annual event sponsored by archives and special collections from across Utah. Archives showcased include academic, private, corporate, religious and governmental repositories. All events are free and open to the public. Contact the hosting institutions for additional information. For Archives Month events nation-wide, please see American Archives Month coordinated by the Council of State Archivists and the Society of American Archivists.

Governor's Declaration

Archives Month Declaration

Each year, the Governor of Utah has the opportunity to formally declare October as Archives Month. View the 2014 Declaration by Governor Herbert.

Calendar of Events

Date Institution Event Description
September 22 - November 1 Utah State History Utah and Technology: History, Innovation, Industry This exhibit highlights the role of technology in Utah's history, from prehistoric agriculture to space technology. Visitors can see the exhibit in the lobby of the Rio Grande Depot during building hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
October George Sutherland Archives, Utah Valley University Library Building History at Utah Valley University This is a small exhibit playing off of the Utah Archives Month theme, "Building History." Part of the exhibit showcases a collection of vintage postcards of the Utah Capitol Building, dating from 1920-1980, and on loan from UVU student J. Clayton Tullis. The other part highlights the construction and building of the Orem campus of Utah Technical College (now Utah Valley University) from 1977-1982. The original campus was located in Provo, Utah from 1941-1977.

The exhibit is located in the George Sutherland Archives, Utah Valley University Library, LI 302.
Utah Valley University is located at 800 W. University Parkway in Orem, Utah.
The exhibit is open during regular Sutherland Archives hours, 8 am to 5 pm. through October.
Please contact Catherine McIntyre at (801) 863-8821 or mcintyca@uvu.edu with any questions.
October 1 Church History Library Foundations of Faith Exhibit This is an ongoing exhibit that will continue at the Library for the next 5 years. It is an exhibit of some of the rarest documents of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. See Joseph Smith's journal, first edition Book of Mormon's from the five continents, Relief Society minute book, etc. Available during all hours that the library is open. These documents have never been assembled together in one place to be viewed by the public.
October 8 Utah State Archives Rebecca Andersen: Blossoming as the Rose: Irrigating Wasatch Front Agribusiness and Industry Join us on Wednesday, October 08 at noon as historian Rebecca Andersen discusses the development of agribusiness along the Wasatch Front, and the irrigation structures that supported it. Irrigation has long been associated with and celebrated as a unique Mormon landscape feature. And indeed there is much truth encased in this myth, but not in the way most would think. Without water, the new federal industries and suburbanization that dominated the Front following World War II could never have existed. Irrigation structures replaced natural stream flows with concrete canals and dams. Finger-like watercourses that once carved the land, linking mountain and lake in perpetual symbiosis, are forever locked behind the Wasatch Mountains in a concrete web of dams and miles of diversion canals.

Rebecca Andersen is a PhD candidate at Arizona State University in U.S. West with an emphasis in public history. She is currently completing her dissertation, “Between Mountain and Lake: an Urban Mormon Country,” which analyzes the development of a suburban Mormon Country along the Wasatch Front following World War II by comparing and contrasting two Wasatch Front communities, Layton and American Fork. More information can be found on her website at: http://rebeccaandersen.com

This event will be held at noon in the State Archives Courtyard Meeting Room, 346 South Rio Grande (450 West), Salt Lake City, UT 84101-1106
October 9 Church History Library Men & Women of Faith Lecture Please join us for the next Men & Women of Faith lecture sponsored by the Church History Library. It is titled, "My Dear Sister": Joseph F. Smith's Letters to his Sister, Martha Ann Smith Harris, 1854-1916 - the presenter is Richard Neitzel Holzapfel, a professor at BYU. "As a 15-year-old missionary on an island in the Pacific, thousands of miles away from his home in Utah, Joseph F. Smith began writing letters to his sister Martha. During the next six decades, he wrote to her often, sharing insights, into his life, dreams, struggles, and work as a missionary, father, and Chruch leader, 7 p.m. Assembly Hall, Free to the public.
October 15 Utah State Archives Laurie Bryant- “A Modest Homestead” Join us on Wednesday, October 15 at noon as historian Laurie Bryant discusses her research on historic adobe homes in Salt Lake City. Although Salt Lake was, until about 1870, almost entirely an adobe city, few such buildings remain, and even fewer residents today are aware of these historic structures. Many were demolished in favor of more elegant and durable materials; others were simply allowed to decay and collapse. Those that remain were, for the most part, built by people of very limited means. Their stories tell far more about everyday life in the 19th century than do the writings of influential and educated people of that time, but they must be gleaned from historic newspapers, census and death records, city directories, court documents and family histories.

Laurie Bryant is a retired paleontologist with a lifelong fondness for all sorts of old things. Her current interest in adobe buildings originated from idle observations on the architecture of Salt Lake City's "East Bench" neighborhood, beginning with Lorenzo Dow Young's adobe home on Harvard Avenue. Dr. Bryant has spent the past four years identifying and studying the remaining adobes and their builders.

This event will be held at noon in the State Archives Courtyard Meeting Room, 346 South Rio Grande (450 West), Salt Lake City, UT 84101-1106
October 20-24 Utah State Archives COSA SERI Advanced Electronic Records Institute The Utah State Archives will host an Advanced Electronic Records Institute that is being offered through the Council of State Archivists State Electronic Records Initiative. This intensive week long institute will allow one designated representative from each western state to attend, and actively engage in lectures, activities, and discussions aimed at strengthening all aspects of electronic records stewardship. This project is made possible through a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services. More information is available at: http://www.statearchivists.org/seri/STEP/SERI_Institutes.htm

This event will be held in the State Archives Courtyard Meeting Room, 346 South Rio Grande (450 West), Salt Lake City, UT 84101-1106
October 29 Utah State Archives Jed Rogers: Roads in the Wilderness: Conflict in Canyon Country Join us on Wednesday, October 29th at noon as historian Jed Rogers presents on his latest work, Roads in the Wilderness: Conflict in Canyon Country. In this work, Rogers transports readers from road controversies like the infamous Burr Trail battle to the contentious web of roads in Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monument to off-roading in Arch Canyon, and demonstrates how the conflicts are deeply rooted in history and culture. Roads in the Wilderness will be of interest to environmentalists, historians, and those who live in the American West, challenging readers to think about the canyon country and the stories embedded in the land. Jedediah Rogers received his PhD in American history from Arizona State University, and is a Senior State Historian for the Utah Division of State History.

This event will be held at noon in the State Archives Courtyard Meeting Room, 346 South Rio Grande (450 West), Salt Lake City, UT 84101-1106
November 5 Marriott Library 24th Annual Ski Affair Kick off the ski season and support the preservation of snow sports history at the 24th Annual Ski Affair benefiting the Ski Archives at the U of U's Marriott Library. Wednesday, Nov. 5, 6 p.m. Little America, 500 S Main, $70/person, rsvp: Judy.Jarrow@utah.edu or https://upmarket.utah.edu/um2/library.

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