APPX-based Archives Enterprise Manager (Axaem)

The Utah State Archives has made its software available under an open-source license (GPL, with an exception), which any archival institution may use. This application was developed using a proprietary tool, namely APPX Software, and that tool is required to run this application.

Features of Axaem include the ability to manage temporary records and permanent holdings; describe records using the DACS standard; generate retention schedules (general and specific); track microfilm and imaged records; identify creators and subjects through authority files; track patron questions; export MARC records; produce EAD and EAC output; and interface with your institution's website.

At the moment, this application follows the work flow of the Utah State Archives. The goal is to transition the application to something more generic and useful to all archives. Many updates will be made during this process. Anyone is welcome to test the software and provide feedback during the transition period. 

System Documentation

System documentation will be added here as it becomes available:

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