Transcription and Indexing Projects

Increase access to records online through volunteer transcription and indexing. We have partnered with FromThePage. Once you create an account with them, you can join other projects from many other respositories.

Salt Lake City (Utah) Tax Assessment Rolls

Page from Salt Lake City Tax Rolls

These volumes record the assessment of real and personal property. They were used for taxing purposes. Individual city assessors assessed and collected property taxes within municipal boundaries. Includes volumes dated 1878-1892. View Online

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Salt Lake County (Utah) Civil Case Indexes

Page from Salt Lake County Civil Case Indexes

The Civil Case Indexes record the names of plaintiffs and defendants involved in civil actions and provide assigned case numbers, facilitating clerical management of and access to the civil case files. We are transcribing the original books kept by the court clerk to provide a complete name index to the civil case files. Dates range from 1961 to 1963. View Online

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Spring City (Utah) Council Minutes

Page from Spring City Diary

Spring City (Utah) Council Minutes The city council minute books were created as the official record of the city council meetings. Typical entries contain information about budgeting and finance; city ordinances; business and professional licensing procedures; department activities; and improvements in public service such as street repairs. Dates range from 1871-1886. View Online

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State of Utah vs. Joe Hill

Joe Hill

Several records illuminate the case of Joe Hill, the international controversy it engendered, and the worldwide response and publicity his trial and subsequent execution generated. View Online

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Index Birth Certificates

We are currently running a pilot test to open up indexing Utah birth certificates. An application and acknowledgement of the project instructions is required.

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