Utah Department of Administrative Services

Division of Archives & Records Service

Scheduling Records


State law mandates that government records be retained according to approved retention schedules. Click here to view General Retention Schedules.


This can be accomplished either by following approved general retention schedules or by obtaining approval for agency specific retention schedules. To obtain approval for agency specific schedules, the chief administrative officer must submit to the State Archivist proposed retention schedules of records for final approval by the State Records Committee (Utah Code 63A-12-103(5).


Records schedules document the existence of records, the length of time the records must be maintained, and their final disposition—either destruction or permanent transfer to the State Archives' custody.


Government records cannot be disposed of or destroyed in contravention of a legally approved retention schedule (Utah Code 63A-12-105). State law additionally mandates that every governmental entity report the designation(primary classification) of each record series it maintains to the State Archives (Utah Code 63A-12-103(8)).


Not sure where to start? Click here for more detailed instructions on scheduling records.


For information about the Records Center or records storage, click here.


Please contact the State Archives if you have questions or need assistance in the process of scheduling records.