Digital to Microfilm Service

The Utah State Archives proves proper storage and records management for all preservation microfilm. The Digital to Microfilm Service offers a preservation copy of digital images on microfilm.

Are you new to the service? Or submitting a new record series? Email our Reformatting Program Manager for a Service Agreement and your agency’s unique Target Packages.


  • Records submitted through this service should have a permanent retention and be classified as public.
  • Upload files and target packages to SFTP
  • Organize and arrange records, naming them in a clear sequential order
  • Split images into folders, with no more than 2,000 images per folder. Each folder will make up one reel of microfilm.
  • For each folder, prove the agency-assigned reel number, dates range of records being filmed, and arrangement of records in the Beginning Targets package.
  • Include the Beginning and Ending Targets for each reel in the folder uploads in the SFTP.
  • Submit a service ticket
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Page Last Updated November 22, 2021.