Digital to Microfilm

To participate in this process agencies will need an optical scanner (or for large formats a digital camera may work better), a dedicated computer, storage space on a server to maintain the electronic records, and a log in and password to the state server where the files will be transferred.

Setup instructions

Before beginning any conversion project the agency will need to make sure that a specific record series has been scheduled with the Utah State Archives. A series is a group of records that are treated as a unit that are scheduled to be kept for a retention period. Official records, tax assessment rolls, and felony case files are examples of local government record series. A series number is a unique number which identifies a record series retention schedule. A series number is essential for obtaining a work order and establishing a folder on the state server. 

To find an existing series retention schedule for your records, check the retention and classification reports for your agency.

If you find a series which describes the records you want to submit, note the accompanying series number and fill out a Digital to Microfilm Work Order Request. If a series has not already been scheduled, you will need to schedule it now. 

Page Last Updated December 7, 2012.