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Washington County's nineteen school districts were consolidated into the Washington County School District in June 1915. Shortly after hiring Superintendent Kolene F. Granger in 1996, the district adopted the following mission statement: "Together: Pioneering New Horizons in Teaching, Learning, and Leading." During the term of Superintendent Steve Peterson (1984-1996), the district's mission statement read: "Proceed on the premise of what's best for kids."


Washington County School District provides public education for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. Reported enrollment for the 2001-2002 school year is 18, 775. District offices are located in St. George, Utah. The district has 29 schools--18 elementaries, one sixth grade center, one sixth-seventh intermediate, four middle schools, and six high schools. The district includes the communities of St. George, Washington, Santa Clara, Ivins, Hurricane, LaVerkin, Dammeron Valley, Central, Veyo, Pine Valley, Leeds, Hildale, Virgin, Enterprise, Springdale, Toquerville, and Winchester Hills. It covers 2,425 square miles.


The district is governed by a five-member, elected Board of Education. Voters in each of the district's five precincts elect one member to serve as their representative on the Board of Education. School Board elections are held in November in conjunction with the general election. The board members elect a president and vice president at the time new members are sworn into office. The district is also subject to the general oversight of the Utah State Office of Education.


The Superintendent of Schools, who administers day-to-day operations, is appointed by the Board of Education. Assistant superintendents oversee elementary and secondary education. Assessment and Student Services, Applied Technology Education, and Special Education are supervised by directors. A Business Manager heads an administrative division. Human Resources was added in 1998. At times the district uses an attorney to help with legal advice, the State Office of Education, architects, and engineers.

W. O. Bentley, 1916-1929
M. E. Moody, 1929-1958
LaVoy Esplin, 1958-1979
Jack Burr, 1979-1984
Steve Peterson, 1984-1996
Kolene F. Granger, 1996-present
Frances Christensen, president
Brad Last, vice president
Catherine Miles
Dr. Sheldon Johnson
Wendell Gubler
Leeds, established 1915
Hurricane, established 1918
Enterprise, established 1921
Toquerville, established 1922
Gunlock, established 1926
Springdale, established 1930
Rockville, established 1934
Hurricane High, established 1936
St. George Elementary, established 1936
East Elementary, established 1955
Hurricane Elementary, established 1955
West Elementary, established 1955
Enterprise Elementary, established 1957
Hurricane Fine Arts Center, established 1958
Dixie High, established 1965
Hurricane High, established 1968
Enterprise Library, established 1969
Dixie Middle, established 1976
Washington Elementary, established 1976
Springdale Elementary, established 1977
Santa Clara Elementary, established 1979
LaVerkin, established 1983
Pine View High, established 1983
Bloomington, established 1985
Sunset Elementary, established 1985
Enterprise High, established 1986
Panorama Elementary, established 1986
Phelps, established 1986
District Office (remodel), established 1986
Pine View Middle, established 1987
Dixie Downs, established 1990
Hurricane Middle, established 1990
Snow Canyon Middle, established 1992
Snow Canyon High, established 1994
Bloomington Hills, established 1995
Three Falls Elementary, established 1996
Coral Cliffs, established 1997
Diamond Valley, established 1997
Red Mountain, established 1998
Desert Hills Intermediate, established 2000
Sandstone Elementary, established 2000
Millcreek, established 2001

COMPILED BY: W. Glen Fairclough, Jr., , April 2002


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