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West Valley City was incorporated 1 July 1980. The new city adopted the commission form of government prescribed by law for second class cities. A three-member commission made up of the mayor and two commissioners made up West Valley City's governing body. The commission established a task force in February 1981 to determine whether a change of government would be desirable. Voters approved a measure to adopt a city council-manager form of government during a special election held 28 July 1981. Council members were selected during the general election in November 1981 and inaugurated on 4 January 1982. The council appointed a professional city manager on 20 January 1982.

West Valley City's City Manager is dedicated to providing the citizens of West Valley the highest quality of services while maintaining a cost efficient staff. The manager strives to bring economic, recreational, and cultural benefits to the citizens of West Valley City.


A professional city manager hired by the West Valley City Council serves as the chief executive officer of the city. The council delegates to the city manager the actual administration of municipal affairs. The city manager is empowered to direct and coordinate the general administration of city government. It is the city manager's responsibility to see that programs and legislation adopted by the city council are executed in a manner consistent with established policies. The city manager coordinates the enforcement and execution of all laws and ordinances of the city. He also appoints, suspends, or removes employees according to city civil service and personnel regulations. He prepares and submits an annual budget, advises of the financial condition of the city, and authorizes all purchases as required by law. Although the manager attends all meetings of the council and takes part in its discussions and deliberations, he has no vote on council proposals and has no veto power over council actions.


The city manager is appointed by a two-thirds vote of the city council and serves at its pleasure. A manager may be removed by a majority vote. Appointment of a city manager is to be based on ability, integrity, prior experience, executive leadership, and other factors not including political affiliations.


The City Manager's Office is responsible for all matters relating to administrative services, support services to the city council, the city recorder, public affairs, the Administrative Law Division, the Olympic coordinator, all advisory organizations, and such other programs as required by the city council. The city manager is empowered to appoint an assistant city manager, with the advice and consent of the city council. The manager may appoint, with approval by majority vote of the full membership of the city council, an acting city manager to serve in the city manager's absence or temporary incapacity to perform assigned powers and duties.

John D. Newman1982-May 17, 1991
John PattersonDecember 16, 1991-present
Karen S. Leftwichcirca 1982-1995 [served as acting city manager from May 17 to December 16, 1991]
Wayne T. Pyle1997-present

COMPILED BY: W. Glen Fairclough, Jr. , January 2001


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