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The Division of Fuel Dispensing Services, created in 1991 (Laws of Utah, 1991, Chapter 93), was responsible for establishing and administering a fuel dispensing program for all state agencies and all higher education institutions. It was absorbed into Motor Pool in 1994.


The enabling legislation charged the Division of Fuel Dispensing Services with establishing and administering a fuel dispensing program, ensuring that the state and each of its agencies comply with state and federal law and state and federal rules and regulations governing underground storage tanks, coordinating the installation of new state-owned underground storage tanks and the upgrading or retrofitting of existing underground storage tanks, and making available to counties, municipalities, and school districts all services provided by the division.


Fuel Dispensing Services was administered by a division director appointed by the executive director of the Department of Administrative Services (UTSVH00270-A), with the approval of the governor.


Based on recommendations of a task force appointed by Governor Norman H. Bangerter in 1989, the chief executive instructed the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) to develop a comprehensive plan for managing fuel dispensing within the state. The Fuel Dispensing Advisory Council, organized in June 1990, began consolidating the fuel dispensing services provided by DAS. Because of the scope of the program and the potential for extensive interaction between the program and multiple levels of government, establishment of a separate division within the department was proposed by DAS. Legislation creating the division was passed by the 49th Legislature. Division operations began July 1, 1991, with the start of the 1991-1992 fiscal year.




David G. Fletcher, 1991-1994

COMPILED BY: W. Glen Fairclough, Jr., June 1992; minimal update 2002


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