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When the Territorial Assembly incorporated Brigham City on 12 January 1867 it gave the city council power to appoint a city recorder and such other officers as the council thought necessary. It gave the council authority to define the duties of all city officers and to remove them from office (Compiled Laws of Utah, 1876, title 24, chapter 4). The Brigham City recorder was given charge over all city records. Brigham City's first city recorder, William L. Watkins, served in that office for the first eight years after incorporation.


The Brigham City council did not pass ordinances defining the responsibilities of city officers until 1875. At that time the council gave the city recorder charge over all Brigham City records and papers, and designated him keeper of the Brigham City seal. The council required the recorder to keep a copy of all city ordinances and resolutions in chronological order, and in a separate book to keep the minutes of all council meetings. The council also charged the city recorder to keep plat maps for all surveys in the city, and required him to examine all city financial accounts (Brigham City Ordinances, Utah State Archives, series 3662, Book 1, p. 9). After 1899 state law required that city recorders counter sign all municipal contracts and official documents (Compiled Laws of Utah, 1907, title 13, chapter 6).


Brigham City recorders were originally appointed by the city council. The 1875 ordinance mandated that the city recorder should be bonded and that he or she take an oath of office. In 1899 the State Legislature determined that thereafter city recorders should be elected officials. Municipal elections are held biannually, in November and elected officials take office on the first Monday in January (Compiled Laws of Utah, 1907. Title 13, Chapter 6; Title 21, Chapter 9). As of 1953 (Laws of Utah, Chapter 17), in cities of the third class, the city recorder was appointed by the mayor with the advice and consent of the city council.


The city council has appointed deputy recorders as needed.

William L. Watkins 1867-1875
Andrew Christensen 1875-1882
Adolph Madsen 1882
George L. Grachl 1883-1892
W.C. Horsley 1893
O. Peterson 1894-1895
John H. Horsley 1896-1901
John E. Baird 1902-1903
B.P. Newman 1904-1905
Thomas McMaster 1906-1907
Hyrum Standing 1908-1911
P. Russell Wight 1912-1917
Noble M. Fishburn 1918-1919
Triesta Box 1920-1925
Jessie B. Jensen 1925-1929
Victoria Fowler 1930-1933
Ethel M. Stander 1934-1935
Louise Sorensen 1936-1940
Elva J. Gibbs 1941-1944
Guenivere T. Limb 1944
Edna T. Romer 1945-1949
Fannie J. Christensen 1950-1961
Tolman Burke 1962-1974
S.G. Loveland 1975-1976
Michael T. Cosgrove 1976-1982
Tracy B. Norr 1982-1990
Dennis Sheffield 1990-1999

COMPILED BY: Rosemary Cundiff , July 2002


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