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The Utah Racing Commission was created on March 11, 1925, under the provisions of Chapter 77 which officially took effect on May 12, 1925. The commission was dissolved May 10, 1927 with the repeal of Chapter 77. The purpose of the commission was to regulate, license, and control horse racing meets held in Utah (Legislature, Laws of Utah, Chapter 77, 1925, Redd Racing Law; Legislature, Laws of Utah, Chapter 6, 1927, repeal of the Redd Racing Law).


The Racing Commission issued (or revoked) licenses to individuals, associations, and corporations conducting or participating in horse racing meets. The commission determined the location and dates of meets, the amount of fees to be charged and collected, and the individuals chosen to officiate the races. The commission regulated the pari-mutuel system of betting allowed at meets. The betting system continued to be used at horse races until July, 1928, when the Utah Supreme Court ruled that pari-mutuel betting became a felony with the repeal of the Redd Racing Law.


The commission consisted of three members appointed by the governor; two members to serve for two years, one to serve for four years. The commission elected a chairman and secretary. The members recieved pay for each day of a race meet held under the provisions of the law.


The first meeting of the Utah Racing Commission was held on March 12, 1925, at the office of Governor George H. Dern. During the meeting, the three commission members selected a chairman and secretary. Other than a brief period in March, 1927, all positions remained occupied during the commission's two year existence. Some commission members also served as race officials when chosen by organizers of the meet.

List of Commission Members


B.F. Grant, March 1925-October 1925

William W. Seegmiller, October 1925-May 1927


James H. Waters, March 1925-March 1927

Sam K. Smith, Acting Secretary, May 1926

Dan B. Shields, March 1927-May 1927


Gage B. Rodman, March 1925-May 1927

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