Road to Statehood

Utah's Road to Statehood

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The wealth of documents, photographs, and memorabilia held at Utah repositories is used to tell the story of Utah's 50-year struggle to achieve statehood in this online exhibit. Adapted from Utah's Road to Statehood, a 48-page guide book prepared in conjunction with a traveling display, the web exhibit presents items detailing the political atmosphere in Utah from the late 1880s through statehood, chronicles events at the constitutional convention of 1895, and depicts actual celebrations on Statehood day.

Funding for the original Utah's Road to Statehood display and guide was made possible through a grant from the Utah Statehood Centennial Commission and the cooperative efforts of the Utah Manuscripts Committee. Representatives from the major Utah document repositories were invited to participate. The results may be viewed in this exhibit.

Utah's Road to Statehood Edited by Bradford R. Cole and Kenneth R. Williams

Copyright © 1995 by the Utah Manuscripts Committee and the Utah Statehood Centennial Commission. All rights reserved.

Utah Manuscript Committee Members

Nancy Young, University of Utah
Kenneth R. Williams, Utah State Archives and Records Service
Ronald Watt, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Linda Thatcher, Utah State Historical Society
A. J. Simmonds, Utah State University
John Sillito, Weber State University
Jeffery O. Johnson, Utah State Archives and Records Service
Harvard Heath, Brigham Young University
Bradford R. Cole, Utah State University


Cover photograph by Jan Schou: John Henry Smith's forty-five star flag, John Henry Smith photograph, Utah State University; Enabling Act, Utah State Archives; political ribbons, John Sillito.

Special thanks

S. George Ellsworth
Kim Burningham and Staff of the Utah Statehood Centennial Commission
Jan Schou

Online Version

Glen Fairclough, Utah State Archives and Records Service
Sarah Talley, Utah State Archives and Records Service

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