Utah's Helen Mar Whitney's Diary Entries Helen Mar Whitney's diary entries, 10 and 11 February 1890, about the Salt Lake City elections (Utah State University, Special Collections and University Archives).

Mon 10th Election Day. "Liberals" outvoted the People, as I expected, their men's names left out, or "arbitrarily stricken from the list when it was too late to have them reinstated through legal process", & other rascally tricks illustrative of the "Liberal" schemers, who were not above adding names to their list during the voting Feeling sick for want of sleep/I've lounged, and slept a little to prepare for the raid of "Liberal" fiends to night.

Tuesday 11th. After retiring last eve a "Liberal" gang of scum & boys passed up our street with drums, & all kinds of sounds from cowbells, & other bells, & horns & yells, the awfullest jargon of fiendish productions, as if purposed, & was undoubtedly, for disturbing those of the Peoples Party. I slept better than I expected, though the guns were fired frequently & late in the night. Their crow will be short.

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