Utah Statehood 125: 1896-2021

Photograph of 1896 celebration, 125 Utah Statehood

Utah's Road to Statehood (125)

Introduction: 125 Years

  • Utah Commission creation record The Obstacle of Polygamy
    There was another large obstacle that made Congress wary of giving Utah statehood: polygamy.
  • Utah Constitution 1895 Seven Bids for Statehood
    The Latter-day Saints settled the Salt Lake Valley in 1847, and for the next fifty years they and following settlers fought for statehood. It took seven attempts to finally realize that goal.
  • Utah Enabling Act The Finish Line
    In 1894, Congress voted to invite Utah into the Union. President Grover Cleveland signed the Enabling Act, which allowed Utah to officially form a Constitutional Convention.

Road to Statehood (100)

In 1996, the Utah State Archives created an online exhibit based on a guide book (Utah's Road to Statehood) prepared for a traveling exhibit for Utah's Centennial. Cooperation with the Utah Manuscripts Committee and repositories across the state brought together documents, photographs, and memorabilia to tell the story of Utah's 50-year struggle to achieve statehood.

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Online Version: Gina Strack
Utah's Road to Statehood Series: Maren Peterson

Feature photograph "Statehood Celebration 1896 p.3" courtesy of the Utah State Historical Society.


Online Version: Glen Fairclough, Utah State Archives and Records Service; Sarah Talley, Utah State Archives and Records Service

Utah Manuscript Committee Members
Nancy Young, University of Utah
Kenneth R. Williams, Utah State Archives and Records Service
Ronald Watt, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Linda Thatcher, Utah State Historical Society
A. J. Simmonds, Utah State University
John Sillito, Weber State University
Jeffery O. Johnson, Utah State Archives and Records Service
Harvard Heath, Brigham Young University
Bradford R. Cole, Utah State University

Special thanks
S. George Ellsworth
Kim Burningham and Staff of the Utah Statehood Centennial Commission
Jan Schou

The Utah Department of Heritage & Arts developed the "Thrive 125" initiative with support from the Governor's Office and the Utah Legislature.

Thrive 125 Celebrating Utah's Statehood Est 1896

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