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In creating the Utah Advisory Commission to Optimize State Government (2009), Governor Gary Herbert said: "While Utah has been recognized as the Best Managed State in America, there is always room to evaluate and improve how we serve Utah." He encouraged the Council to address agency consolidation, reduce costs where possible, incorporate best practices, and streamline services. The State of Utah has enjoys a long tradition of optimization and streamlining of State Government. This guide provides a comprehensive list of record series concerning Government Optimization over time.

Committee to Study Operations of State Government (1933)

Owing to budget shortfalls, a joint legislative committee was formed to "make a study of the Present Organization and Operation of the State Government to Ascertain if It Can Be More Economically Conducted." (S.C.R. No. 1, 1933).  The committee shall have "power to visit and inquire into the offices and departments of all political subdivisions of the state." Similar wording appears in subsequent laws concerning the committee in August 1933 and 1935.

Correspondence, 1933-1937 Series 3174
Study Records, 1935-1936 Series 3175
Reports, 1934-1936 Series 3181
Minutes, 1933-1937 Series 19600

Committee for the Investigation of State Governmental Units (1937)

On February 13, 1937 a resolution was passed by the state legislature to appropriate $10,000 for the creation of a Legislative Investigating Committee (H.J.R. No. 8, 1937). The committee was to investigate the handling of public funds.

Proceedings, 1937 Series 24806
Reports, 1934 Series 27627

Commission on the Reorganization of the Executive Branch (1965)

The Commission on the Organization of the Executive Branch of Government, commonly known as Utah's Little Hoover Commission, was created in 1965 to promote economy and efficiency in the management of public services (Laws of Utah 1965, Chapter 138).

Commission on the Reorganization of the Executive Branch
Administrative Records, 1963-1966   Series 1222
State agency reorganization records, 1941-1963 Online Series 3179
Utah State Legislature
Little Hoover Commission Administrative Records, 1965-1966 Online Series 3298

Commission on Economy and Efficiency Research (1977-1983)

This commission was created to study state agencies and to promote greater efficiency and effectiveness in the transaction of public business. It is also known as Committee on Executive Reorganization.

Commission on Economy and Efficiency Research    
Research Case Files, 1985-1986   Series 16694
Minutes and Meeting Files, 1977-1985   Series 16695
Reports, 1977-1985   Series 16696
Message on Economy and Efficiency in Government Report   Series 84310
Governor (1977-1985: Matheson)    
State Agency Correspondence, 1977-1984 Online Series 4532

Advisory Commission to Optimize State Government (2009)

Governor Gary R. Herbert formed the Utah Advisory Commission to Optimize State Government in September 2009. The Commission was made up of public officials and business and community leaders who have managed both private and public entities in difficult economic times. As directed by Governor Herbert, the Commission's charge was to conduct a careful and thoughtful review of current governmental practices and submit recommendations to the Governor on ways to better optimize Utah state government. See

Report, 2010 View Online (Archived)

Advisory Council on Optimizing and Streamlining State Government (2011)

Governor Gary R. Herbert announced the creation of this council in June 2011 in response to legislation (H.B. 280, 2011) passed earlier in the year. Val Oveson, former Lt. Governor, was set as the chair of the council.

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