Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.

2005-2009, Republican

During his term as governor, Huntsman focused primarily on improving Utah’s economy, creating large tax cuts, health care reforms, and increasing education funding.  Utah was recognized for its friendly business climate and quality of life as a result—including being named as the Best Managed State in America by the Pew Center.

In 2009, he was nominated by President Barack Obama to be the U.S. Ambassador to China and resigned as governor after being confirmed by the Senate.

He stepped down from his position of Ambassador to China in 2011 in order to seek the Republican presidential nomination in the 2012 election, but later ended his campaign and endorsed Mitt Romney.

Written by Avalon Snell
Originally published in November 2017

Governor Huntsman  
Administrative policy and program files, 2005-2009. Series 25843
Constituent correspondence, 2005-2009. Series 25856
Declarations, 2005-2009. Series 25860
Executive correspondence, 2005-2009. Series 25847
Executive orders, 2005-2009 Online Series 29628
Legislative bill files, 2005-2009. Series 25857
Media clips, 2005-2009 Series 27242
Photographs, 2005-2009. Series 25859
Press releases, 2005-2009. Series 25861
Schedule , 2005-2009. Online Series 25858
Speeches and official statements, 2005-2009. Series 25862
Transition team report, 2006. Series 25975
Govenor Jon Huntsman
Portrait by Galina Perova from the Utah State Capitol

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