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Utah Military Discharge and Benefit Records

Federal Records

Military service and discharge records are federal records. The Utah State Archives has copies of discharge records (form DD-214) and educational benefit records for World War II veterans and some Korean War veterans enlisted or buried in Utah. How did the Archives acquire these records?

Others should contact the Military Personnel Records Center. Veterans who were discharged since 1979 should contact the Utah State Office of Veterans Affairs.

State Archives  
Military Separation Forms and Benefit Records, 1917–1979 Series 2794
Most of the records document military service during World War II, but there are also some records from World War I and the Korean War. Records have been digitized. However, due to privacy restrictions, all requests are handled through the Research Center with proper identification.
Office of Veterans' Affairs  
Veterans' Case Files, 1973-1979 Series 2255
These case files contain information filed to obtain educational benefits, discharge upgrades, death benefits, loan guarantees, medical benefits. Copies of discharge papers for some veterans who sought benefits for military service in the 1970s may be filed in this series.

County Recorder Military Discharge Records

Many Utah veterans have had their United States military discharges recorded by their local county recorder. As Utah veterans presented their military discharges, county recorders organized them in books kept for that purpose, or in the county's official records. The most recent records and computerized indexes to them (such as for Salt Lake county, 1981 to present) are only available at county recorders' offices. However, the Utah State Archives holds microfilmed copies of many earlier discharges recorded by county recorders. Since many discharges were recorded well after the actual date of separation, beginning dates in a series do not reflect the earliest date of discharge

Box Elder County Recorder  
Military discharges, 1944 - 1952 Series 6154
Carbon County Recorder  
Military discharges, 1944 - 1958 Series 13147
Duchesne County Recorder  
Military discharges, 1945 - 1994 Series 84236
Emery County Recorder  
Military discharges, 1923 - 1952 Series 6207
Iron County Recorder  
Military discharges, 1921 - 1964 Series 6135
Juab County Recorder  
Military discharges, 1944 - 1947 Series 84172
Kane County Recorder  
Military discharges, 1945 - 1994 Series 14019
Millard County Recorder  
Military discharges, 1944 - 1960 Series 83676
Morgan County Recorder  
Military discharges, 1943 - 1951 Series 11875
San Juan County Recorder  
Military discharges, 1944 - 1948 Series 5155
Sanpete County Recorder  
Military discharges, 1944 - 1964 Series 10340
Sevier County Recorder  
Military discharges, 1942 - 1970 Series 84235
Uintah County Recorder  
Military discharges, 1944 - 1992 Series 81556
Utah County Recorder  
Military discharges, 1924 - 1971 Series 84183
Wasatch County Recorder  
Military discharges, 1919 - 1954 Series 10326
Wayne County Recorder  
Military discharges, 1945 - 1974 Series 84088
Washington County Recorder  
Military discharges, 1923 - 1966 Series 84234

Related Files

The following military records often give discharge information such as the date and type of discharge and sometimes the muster out location.

Board of Examiners  
 Indian War Veterans' Fund Records, 1918-1928 Series 323
Office of Veterans' Affairs  
Discharged Veterans List, 1976-1979 Series 10343
State Archives and Records Service  
Military Service Cards, ca. 1898-1975 Series 85268
Spanish American War Service Cards, 1898-1899 Series 10318
Spanish American War and Philippine Insurrection Service Cards, 1898-1902 Series 24048
World War I Service Records, 1914-1925 Series 2793
Mexican Border Campaign Service Cards, 1916-1917 Series 6131
Veterans' Educational Benefits Records, 1944-1964. Series 2789
Veteran Burial Location Data, 1986 Series 8490
State Historical Society  
Military records section correspondence, 1949-1965 Series 17529
World War I Service Questionnaires, 1914-1918 Series 85298
Selective Service Cards, 1940–1957 Series 85289