Utah Military Service Records

Military services records are federal records found generally at the National Archives and Military Personnel Records Center. The Utah State Archives holds a large collection of military records that includes original territorial militia and some later National Guard records as well as service cards and burial data compiled from newspapers and official records.

This bibliography, arranged by the creating agency, provides the record series titles and numbers. These series are in many cases linked with a finding aid or series inventory describing the contents and arrangement and suggesting how to best use the series.

Board of Examiners  
Indian War Veterans' Fund Records, 1918-1928 Series 323
Commissioner of Indian War Records  
Indian Wars Service Affidavits, 1909-1919


Series 2217
Militia Name List, 1909-1918 Series 6330
Councils of Defense
Ogden City War Activities Committees records, 1917-1919 Online Series 10324
Tooele County Council of Defense Honor Roll, 1914-1919 Online Series 29647
Washington County Council of Defense records, 1917-1919 Online Series 29641
Division of State History  
Korean War Scrapbooks, 1950-1954 Series 10342
World War Military Listings, 1917-1951 Online Series 19959
Selective Service Cards, 1940-1957 Series 85289
World War I Records, 1917-1923 Online Series 6307
World War I Service Questionnaires, 1914-1918 Online Series 85298
Governor (1896-1905 : Wells)  
Spanish American War Scrapbook, 1898-1899 Series 84193
National Guard  
145th Field Artillery Scrapbook, 1917-1918 Online Series 10339
Adjutant General's Records, 1895-1965 Series 6308
Biennial Reports, 1896-1956 Series 10347
Carbon County Coal Strike Records, 1903-1904;1909 Series 6306
Carbon Co. Firearms Confiscation Correspondence,1922-1931 Series 10113
Duty Performed Reports, 1926-1941; 1947-1950 Series 6347
Korean Conflict Index, 1950-1954 Series 6109
Mexican Border Campaign Muster Rolls, 1916-1917 Series 10319
Mexican Border Campaign Records, 1916-1917 Series 6305
Spanish American War and Philippine Insurrection Muster Rolls, 1898-1899 Series 10320
World War II Records, 1941-1945 Series 10327
Office of Veterans' Affairs  
Discharged Veterans List, 1976-1979 Series 10343
Secretary of State (Territorial Secretary)  
Indian War Veteran Medal Records, 1905-1940 Series 2220
Territorial Executive Papers, 1850-1896 Series 241
State Archives and Records Service  
Mexican Border Campaign Service Cards, 1916- 1917 Series 6131
Military Death Certificates, 1941-1953 (servicemen who died overseas) Online Series 3769
Military Service Cards, 1898-1975 Series 85268
Spanish American War Service Cards, 1898-1899 Series 10318
Spanish American War and Philippine Insurrection Service Cards, 1898-1902 Series 24048
Territorial Militia Records, 1849-1877, 1905-[1917] Online Series 2210 
Territorial Militia Service Cards, 1850-1880 Series 6195
Veterans' Burial Location Data, [territorial]-1986 Series 8490
Veterans' Burial Locations Cards and Forms, ca. 1950-1990 Series 5339
Veterans' Educational Benefits Records, 1944-1964 Series 2789
World War I Draft Board Registers, 1917-1918 Online Series 2229
World War I Service Records, 1914-1925 Series 2793


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