Series 25138
Insurance Code Task Force Minutes and administrative records

Dates: 1985-1986.

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

An agency history is available.

Scope and Content

These minutes document the regular and special meetings and activities of the Insurance Code Task Force (ICTF) as it reviewed and amended the draft Title 31A, Utah Insurance Code (enacted by SB 232, 1985) before it became active June 1, 1986. The minutes record the task force's organization and administration, its review and discussion of particularly troublesome issues and specific code sections, and its receipt of comments from outside interested parties during its regular public hearings. This series primarily consists of the meeting materials distributed to each member of the task force at its regular meetings. These materials typically include meeting agenda and memos; minutes to the prior meeting; and numerous appendices including: responses to draft amendment assignments made at the prior meeting, unsubstantial content changes certain to be approved, and background materials on items to be discussed at the current meeting.


Numerical by file number, thereunder chronological by date.

Meeting materials are arranged by date of meeting. Original manuscript copies of the meeting minutes are included (where available) with the agenda and accompanying materials for that meeting. Approved meeting minutes are usually included with the agenda and accompanying materials of the subsequent meeting. Four 4x5 inch computer floppy disks follow the regular administrative files in chronological order.

Research Note

Individual contents lists for each of the four floppy disks are filed with the disks they accompany. The discs include meeting agenda, memos, minutes and appendices for specific meetings, as well as correspondence, schedules, procedural guides and summaries of issues. Most of the material on the discs is available in paper format in the ICTF minutes files. Access to the contents of the disks is subject to the availability of appropriate computer/reading equipment.

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Custody History

As head staff of the Insurance Law Revision Commission (ILRC) and the ICTF, Dane Leavitt maintained the records through most of the recodification project. At the conclusion of the project in March 1986, the Insurance Department indicated their plan to discard the records. Recognizing their value, Mr. Leavitt took the records and stored them in the attic of his office building in Cedar City, Utah. Over the years continuing interest in the original intent of the new insurance code brought numerous attorneys and researchers to Cedar City to review the records. At Mr. Leavitt's bidding, the Utah State Archives agreed to take custody of the records in September 2002. Alice Cone and Arlene Schmuland, processing and reference archivists at the Utah State Archives, traveled to Cedar City in October 2002 and returned with seven cubic foot boxes and two banker's boxes.

Access Restrictions

This series is classified as Public.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Processing Note

Rummaging by numerous researchers through the documents (over the 15 intervening years before their transfer of custody to the Archives) left the records in a state of considerable disorder. Through archival processing the records have been returned to their original arrangement as far as was possible. Michael A. Church processed this series in the Spring and Summer of 2003. Prior to transferring the records, Dane Leavitt collected those with "the most probative value to the research of legislative history" into one box to facilitate such research. Identified as Box 1 of the original nine boxes transferred, this box included the March 25, 1983 initial draft (with extensive drafter's comments), the minutes of the ILRC and ICTF respectively, and miscellaneous documents related to SB 232 and its passing. During processing, these documents were returned to their original placement in the records' initial arrangement and notes included in the individual series inventories to direct researchers to their final location.

Indexing Terms

Container List

1 1 1 (080.00) Insurance Code Task Force members
1 1 2 (080.03) Preferred provider plans
1 1 3 (080.04) Miscellaneous memoranda
1 1 4 (080.06) 1985, June minutes [original minutes in folders 4-14]
1 1 5 1985, July minutes
1 1 6 1985, Aug
1 1 7 1985, Sept
1 1 8 1985, Oct
1 1 9 1985, Nov
1 1 10 1985, Nov
1 1 11 1985, Nov
1 1 12 1985, Dec
1 1 13 1985, Dec
1 1 14 1986, Jan
1 1 15 (080.07) Health Insurance Advisory Committee
1 1 16 (080.08) Current work
1 1 17 1985, floppy disk
1 1 18 1985, July-Aug floppy disk
1 1 19 1985, Sept-Oct floppy disk
1 1 20 1985, Oct-Nov floppy disk

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