Series 30061
School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration Land ownership plat records

Dates: 1896-2010.

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Scope and Content

These records display various agency state land data on plat pages by township, range, meridian, and section (i.e., the Public Land Survey System). The records are historic for research purposes. Records include 1) beneficiary plat books, 2) local survey acreage map plats, 3) mineral plat books, 4) school card plat books, 5) school section plat pages, 6) surface plat books, and 7) survey acreage plat books. 1) The Beneficiary plats (or fund books) display the funding for the Agency's owned state lands for surface and mineral rights. The parcels are color-coded by the beneficiary fund. 2) The Local Survey Map plats display subdivision surveys approved by the Agency's Land Board. These are different than the U.S. surveys. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) does not have record of the subdivided state land surveys. The surface plats (see number 6 below) refer to these maps in the remark column. 3) The Mineral plats display the mineral land ownership. There may be more than one mineral page per township/range by commodity (e.g., Oil and Gas plat page) if certain minerals were reserved by conveyor. An index land beneficiary fund is included on the pages. In addition, there is a simultaneous mineral lease posting page for leases issued and later dated when canceled or expired. 4) The School Card plats display the school sections only (2, 16, 32, 36), and what action was taken on the lands, whether conveyed to the State of Utah or used as base lands. Hand-written notes indicate acreage conveyed, base land acreage, and balance acreage outstanding. Additional notes for research purposes are included. 5) The School Section pages display individual school sections (2, 16, 32, 36) with ownership destination information. 6) The Surface plats show additional data other than surface land ownership. The Certificate of Sales and Patent Numbers display the lands sold by the State. Column notes list appraisement on the lands offered for sale and/or sold. Local survey maps listed applies to the township/range. School sections, if used as base lands, are noted on the plat. 7) The Survey Acreage plats, completed by the U.S., display accurate acreage and survey information. The survey plats may contain hand-written notes.


Numerical by quadrant, thereunder by township, thereunder by range.

Research Note

The Surface plats are contained in two sets of plat books. The first set was created and used from the 1970s to 1984, at which point the agency switched to the second set. The second set was created and used from 1984 to 2010, when it was retired in favor of the agency's digital plat records. The Mineral plats are likewise contained in two sets of plat books with these same dates.

Custody History

The contents in boxes 1-22 were transferred to the Utah State Archives and Records Service from SITLA between December 2021 and February 2022.

Access Restrictions

This series is classified as Public.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Processing Note

This series was processed by Jim Kichas in February 2022.

Container List

1 1970-2010 Township 1 North to Township 3 South USM NE to SE Quadrant
2 1970-2010 Township 1 North to Township 5 North SLBM NE Quadrant
3 1970-2010 Township 6 North to Township 15 North SLBM NE Quadrant
4 1970-2010 Township 1 North to Township 8 North SLBM NW Quadrant
5 1970-2010 Township 9 North to Township 15 North SLBM NW Quadrant
6 1970-2010 Township 1 South to Township 7 South SLBM SW Quadrant
7 1970-2010 Township 8 South to Township 13 South SLBM SW Quadrant
8 1970-2010 Township 14 South to Township 16 South SLBM SW Quadrant
9 1970-2010 Township 17 South to Township 21 South SLBM SW Quadrant
10 1970-2010 Township 22 South to Township 27 South SLBM SW Quadrant
11 1970-2010 Township 28 South to Township 32 South SLBM SW Quadrant
12 1970-2010 Township 33 South to Township 38 South SLBM SW Quadrant
13 1970-2010 Township 39 South to Township 44 South SLBM SW Quadrant
14 1970-2010 Township 1 South to Township 9 South SLBM SE Quadrant
15 1970-2010 Township 10 South to Township 14 South SLBM SE Quadrant
16 1970-2010 Township 15 South to Township 19 South SLBM SE Quadrant
17 1970-2010 Township 20 South to Township 24 South SLBM SE Quadrant
18 1970-2010 Township 25 South to Township 29.5 South SLBM SE Quadrant
19 1970-2010 Township 30 South to Township 36 South SLBM SE Quadrant
20 1970-2010 Township 37 South to Township 44 South SLBM SE Quadrant
21 1970-2010 BENE-1, Beneficiary Plats NE Quadrant of SLBM Meridian & All of USM Meridian
21 1970-2010 BENE-2, Beneficiary Plats NW Quadrant of SLBM
21 1970-2010 BENE-3, Beneficiary Plats SW Quadrant of SLBM T1S to T20S
22 1970-2010 BENE-4, Beneficiary Plats SW Quadrant of SLBM T21S to T44S
22 1970-2010 BENE-5, Beneficiary Plats SE Quadrant of SLBM T1S to T20S
22 1970-2010 BENE-6, Beneficiary Plats SE Quadrant of SLBM T21S to T43S

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