Series 83748
Iron County (Utah). County Clerk Articles of incorporation record books

Dates: 1870-1948

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

An agency history is available.

Scope and Content

These volumes record copies of Articles of Incorporation filed with the Iron County Clerk by newly organized corporations. The registers were kept as the official copy which was available for public use. The actual articles of incorporation record the following: names of the incorporators and their places of residence, the length of the corporation's duration, the pursuit of business agreed upon, amount of stock each shareholder receives, description of stock classes, number and kind of corporate officers, and the number of directors necessary to transact corporate business.

Under current Utah law and the laws of the territorial legislature, individuals desiring to incorporate, were to file and record articles of incorporation with their respective county clerk. These agreements specified the nature and place of business, amount of stock to be issued, terms for officers, etc. The clerk in turn issued a certificate of incorporation and recorded the final articles of incorporation in these record books. The series ended in 1961 when registration of corporations was transferred to the State government and the Division of Corporations was created.


Chronological by date filed

Research Note

An index for Book 4 follows: Alphabetical Index, 1947-1948 [Company, Page] 7 Up Bottling Company of Cedar City, 9 Bank of Iron County, 42 Bradshaw Chevrolet Company, 106 Cedar Builders Supply Company, 56 Cedar Builders Supply Company, 97 Cedar City Club, 102 E.J. King, Inc. , 145 General Acceptance Corporation of Utah, 178 General Hardware and Paint Company, 88 General Hardware and Paint Company, 119 Iron Motor Company, 129 Leigh Furniture and Carpet Company, 41 Leigh Potato Farm, Inc., 165 Mert's Appliance and Furniture Company, 101 North New Castle Vegetable Producers Company, 15 Southern Utah Oil Company, 27 Southern Utah Power Company, 67 Spring Creek/Laverkin Creek Irrigation Company, 163 Summit Water System Company, 124 Syrett Commission Company, 144 Urie Brothers Sound Company, 40 Utah Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association, 191 Veteran's Organization, 158

Research Note

Due to multiple filing sites (i.e., County Clerk's office and Secretary of State's office), the chronological arrangement of this series must be regarded as approximate. Researchers should consult all books to ensure location of all related information.

Related Records

Incorporation case files from the Department of Commerce. Division of Corporations and Commercial Code, Series 7184, contain current Incorporations in Iron County.

Incorporation case files from Clerk of the Probate Court, Series 17574, contains Articles of Incorporation for Iron County.

Articles of incorporation record books from Iron County (Utah). County Clerk, Series 18179, contains closed incorporations filed in Iron County.

Access Restrictions

This series is classified as Public.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Processing Note

Incorporation Records were first scheduled as permanent records in 1978. This series was archivally processed by David Clark in April 1996 .

Finding Aids

Indexes: An index is located at the beginning of each record book, with the exception of Book 4. An index for Book 4 is attached to the container list.

Indexing Terms

  • New business enterprises--Utah--Iron County--Official and employees.
  • Corporations--Utah--Iron County.
  • Incorporation--Utah--Iron County.
  • Businessmen--Utah--Iron County.

Container List

1 A
1 B
2 1
3 2
3 3
4 4 Company index available in following list.
4 4 9 7 Up Bottling Company of Cedar City
4 4 42 Bank of Iron County
4 4 106 Bradshaw Chevrolet Company
4 4 56 Cedar Builders Supply Company
4 4 97 Cedar Builders Supply Company
4 4 102 Cedar City Club
4 4 145 E.J. King, Inc.
4 4 178 General Acceptance Corporation of Utah
4 4 88 General Hardware and Paint Company
4 4 119 General Hardware and Paint Company
4 4 129 Iron Motor Company
4 4 41 Leigh Furniture and Carpet Company
4 4 165 Leigh Potato Farm, Inc.
4 4 101 Mert's Appliance and Furniture Company
4 4 15 North New Castle Vegetable Producers Company
4 4 27 Southern Utah Oil Company
4 4 67 Southern Utah Power Company
4 4 163 Spring Creek/Laverkin Creek Irrigation Company
4 4 124 Summit Water System Company
4 4 144 Syrett Commission Company
4 4 40 Urie Brothers Sound Company
4 4 191 Utah Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association
4 4 158 Veteran's Organization

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