Series 85298

State Historical Society World War I service questionnaires, i 1914-1918.

4.05 cubic feet and 25 microfilm reels

These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

See history of the records' creator.

Summary of Records

This series contains military service questionnaires and photographs of Utah's World War I veterans compiled by the Utah State Historical Society shortly after the war. The forms were sent to veterans or their families to complete and return.

Scope and Content

This series contains military service questionnaires and photographs of Utah's World War I veterans compiled by the Utah State Historical Society shortly after the war. The forms were sent to veterans or their families to complete and return.
The survey was the result of a request by Governor Bamburger to the State Council of Defense that a War History of the State be compiled. By 1920 when the Council had disbanded, the project was continued by the Utah State Historical Society who hired Dr. Andrew L. Neff to write the history. By 1926 the production of an all encompassing work proved overwhelming, and it was learned that the federal government was compiling similar information to be filed with the state adjutant general. Therefore the project was abandoned as infeasible and a duplication of effort.
The form included general information, induction information, oversea service data, promotions, casualties, and remarks. General information gives the veteran's name; home address; campor oversea address; birth date and place; race; parents' names; occupation before entering service; employer and employer's address; marital status, and if married, wife's name; and the number and names of children. Induction information gives date of induction; method of induction (selective service or volunteer); branch of service; name and number of company and regiment; division; commanding officer; if in the navy, the name of ship; other organizations the individual had belonged to; name of first and later training camps with the time spent in each; and remarks. Oversea Service lists date of transport overseas, place of oversea service, and remarks. The promotions section lists rank at entrance to service; previous military training; promotions with date of each; date of discharge, if applicable; citations for bravery, etc.; and remarks. Casualties lists date and place if killed in action; date, place, and disease if died of illness; date, place, and nature of wounds if woundedin action; date, place, and details if died of accident or other causes; and remarks.
At the end there was a place for the signature of the person completing the questionnaire. This was followed by a note which stated: "Send photograph. Record will be incomplete without photograph. Enclose interesting incidents, clippings, letters, and other material which should be made part of record. Don't neglect this opportunity to have your boy properly represented on the permanent records of Utah." Many of the questionnaires are accompanied by a photograph of the serviceman. A few were also accompanied by letters or newspaper clippings.
This material is present in two forms: 1) Microfilm 2) Boxed copies of original photographs and individually jacketed sections of microfilm. The original papers, except photos, were apparently discarded. The microfilm shows the questionnaire, the photograph, and any accompanying papers. The boxed copy contains the original photograph and individually jacketedportions of the microfilm as they pertain to a single individual. In rare cases, where only the photograph was present (ie. missing jacketed microfilm), it is usually accompanied by a form 724-1 A.G.O. This form is a 4x6 inch note card furnished to the states by the U.S. Adjutant General's Office. These cards similarly summarize the individual's service record.


Some which were missed during the initial filming were filmed on the last reel. The boxed information is entirely alphabetical.

Additional Forms

This series is available on microfilm.
Copies of these records are located at View Online.

Access Restrictions

This series is classified as Public.

Use Restrictions

These records are available for reproduction and use.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Custody History

The questionnaires were collected by the Historical Society shortly after the war. Found in 1960 in a National Guard warehouse at Ft. Douglas, they were transferred to the Military Records Section of the Society for cleaning and alphabetizing.

Acquisition Information

These records were acquired from the creating agency through established retention schedules.

Processing Information

A few questionnaires on the original paper were separated from photographs in 2017, now in box 12.

Related Material

World War I draft board registers from the Division of Archives and Records Service, Series 2229, contains additional data on some of the same World War I draftees.
World War I records from the State Historical Society, Series 6307, contains a few questionnaires and much correspondence pertaining to their development by the State Council of Defense and then the Historical Society.
Military service cards from the Division of Archives and Records Service, Series 85268, contains service information on many of these same WWI veterans, including 724-1 forms which ocassionally appear in this series.

Container List

11Abbott, Arthur-Bagen, James
21Bagen, James-Beesley, Jerold
31Beesley, Jerold-Bird, Reuben
32Birt, Joseph-Bowman, Robert
42Bowman, Robert-Butler, John
52Butler, Maude-Chytraus, Karl
53Clapp, Roger-Clement, Marion
63Clements, William-Cutlip, Luther
73Dabb, Clarence-Dunham, Starr
83Dunlop, Earl-Dyson, William
84Earl, Frank-Fitzgerald, Maurice
94Fitzgerald, Michael-Gordon, Lynn
104Gore, Herbert-Grimm, Lenhart
105Grimshaw, Clarence-Hart, Clyde
115Hartley, Harry-Hunter, George
125Hunter, Archie-Ivory, James
126Jack, George-Jones, Heber
136Jones, Henry-Larson, Newel
146Larson, Olaf-Lewis, W.
147Lichfield, William-McCurdy, Howard
157McDaniel, Council-Miles, Raymond
167Miles, Richard-Mortenson, Martin
168Morton, Harry-Nelson, Wilford
178Nelson, William-Paxman, Charles
188Paxman, Frank-Pleacturas, Atostolas
189Poelman,Walter-Rackley, Walter
199Radmall, Reuben-Rowberry, Don
209Rowe, Dudley-Shurtz, John
2010Sidwell, Edward-Slade, Jefferson
2110Slater, Roxy-Stewart, John
2210Stewart, John-Tix, Henry
2211Tobiason, Roland-Tracy, Abraham
2311Treharne, William-Wetzel, Francis
2411Whalen, Walter-Zwahlen, Samuel
25Argyle, Clarence
25Anderson , Charles Henry
25Bacon, Charles L
25Beal, David Oval
25Barrons, John Reese
25Barnett, Russell W
25Barnes, Horace
25Bates, Ronald
25Buesland, Aoge
25Werner, Guy
25Welti, Walter
25Wilder, William
25Webster, Joseph
25Warning, John
25Warburton, Preston Edward
25Wanburg, Wilford Richard
25Wanberg, David
25Wallace, Jonathan Alonzo
25Walbeck, Charles
25Vincent, Paul
25Childs, Luther Paul
25Chadwick, GL
25Casady, Alden
25Carter, William
25Abbott, George
25Chappelle, Arthur
25Christensen, Peteris
25Clayton, William Arthur
25Clegg, Henry
25Clemensen, GW
25Clemensen, George
25Clemensen, Newton
25Clement, Charles
25Snyder, Elmer S
25Smyth, Frank
25Stephens, Chester
25Dooley, Joseph
25Dorrity, Rural King
25Edgar, Clarence
25Epperson, Simon Day
25Falck, Joseph
25Evans, Oscar
25Hoyt, Dale
25Heninger, Preston
25Neal, Grandon
25Nielson, Paul Eugene
25Robinson, Lawrence Daniel
25Ramson , Thomas
25Rankins, Robert Eccles
25Ramsey, Poko
25Robertson, Myron
25Richardson, Horace
25Phillips, Melvin Truman
25Blythe, Lawrence
25Bird, Rueban
25Biddlecone, Aaron
25Benson, Wilford Carson
25Bennion, Willard
25Bennion, Howard
25Bell, William
25Belnap, Stanton
25Cahoon , Arthur
25Burton, Guy
25Burris, Golden
25Bult, John
25Buckwell, Albert Edward
25Buckley, W
25Browning, Val
25Browning, Walter Lloyd
25Brown , Richard Mark
25Brown , Horace
25Brown, Frank
25Brown, Clarence
25Brown, Albert Henry
25Brock, Fred
25Brisk, Meyer
25Brennan, Francis
25Bracken, Arnold
25Bracken, Ross
121A (original paper)
122C (original paper)
123K (original paper)