Series 8583

Governor Bangerter Legislative case files, i 1985-1992.

40 microfilm reels

These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

See history of the records' creator.

Summary of Records

These are Governor Bangerter's copies of legislative bills and related correspondence.

Scope and Content

These are the Governor's copies of legislative bills and related correspondence. The series documents the process the Governor went through to determine if he should sign a bill, veto a bill, or allow a bill to become law without his signature. A case file contains a copy of the final bill and sometimes earlier stages of, or amendments to, a bill, along with transmittal letters. It also may contain correspondence with the Attorney General's office providing opinions on the legality and constitutionality of the bill, requests for input and response from state agencies affected by the bill, and constituent correspondence expressing opinions of the bill.

Research Note

No bills from the 1992 second special session are present.


Chronological by legislative session, thereunder alphabetical by bill type and numerical within each bill type.

Additional Forms

This series is available on microfilm.

Access Restrictions

This series is classified as Public.

Use Restrictions

These records are available for reproduction and use.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Acquisition Information

These records were acquired from the creating agency through established retention schedules.

Processing Information

These files were transferred to the records center beginning in 1986. They were arranged by Antoinette Sotiriou in November 1993 and the description was written by A.C. Cone in June 1994. Microfilming was completed in September 1994 with the paper copy destroyed thereafter.

Related Material

Legislative bills from the Lieutenant Governor, Series 4076, contains the official copies of the final bills.
Chief of Staff correspondence from the Governor Bangerter, Series 12412, contains additional correspondence on legislation being monitored by the Governor's office.
Legislative action binders from the Governor Bangerter, Series 22485, contain a synopsis of Governor Bangerter's interaction with the legislature during each session.

Container List

11985 General Session, House Bill 3-245
21985 General Session, House Bill 247-Senate Bill 56
31985 General Session, Senate Bill 57-Senate Bill 237
41985 General Session, Senate Bill 239-Senate Concurrent Resolution 7; 1985 First Special Session, House Bill 3-Senate Concurrent Resolution 1; 1986 General Session, House Bill 2-70
51986 General Session, House Bill 71-135
61986 General Session, House Bill 136-199
71986 General Session, House Bill 204-373
81986 General Session, House Bill 386-Senate Bill 59
91986 General Session, Senate Bill 60-130
101986 General Session, Senate Bill 134-Senate Concurrent Resolution 22; 1986 Second Special Session, House Bill 1-Senate Joint Resolution 2; 1986 Third Special Session, House Bill 1; 1987 General Session, House Bill 1-15
111987 General Session, House Bill 16-97
121987 General Session, House Bill 100-190
131987 General Session, House Bill 194-Senate Bill 26
141987 General Session, Senate Bill 27-63
151987 General Session, Senate Bill 69-131
161987 General Session, Senate Bill 132-Senate Concurrent Resolution 7; 1987 First Special Session, House Bill 1-Senate Bill 11; 1988 General Session, House Bill 1-10
171988 General Session, House Bill 11-215
181988 General Session, House Bill 216-Senate Bill 29
191988 General Session, Senate Bill 30-112
201988 General Session, Senate Bill 113-Senate Concurrent Resolution 13; 1988 Second Special Session, House Bill 1-Senate Bill 1
211988 Second Special Session, Senate Bill 2-8; 1988 Third Special Session, House Bill 1-2; 1989 General Session, House Bill 1-159
221989 General Session, House Bill 160-386
231989 General Session, House Bill 386-Senate Bill 84
241989 General Session, Senate Bill 85-261
251989 General Session, Senate Bill 265-Senate Concurrent Resolution 16; 1989 First Special Session, House Bill 1-Senate Bill 1; 1989 Second Special Session, House Bill 4-Senate Concurrent Resolution 5; 1990 General Session, House Bill 1-119
261990 General Session, House Bill 120-351
271990 General Session, House Bill 352-Senate Bill 49
281990 General Session, Senate Bill 52-103
291990 General Session, Senate Bill 104-242
301990 General Session, Senate Bill 246-Senate Concurrent Resolution 14; 1991 General Session, House Bill 2-97
311991 General Session, House Bill 99-House Bill 265
321991 General Session, House Bill 273-House Concurrent Resolution 30
331991 General Session, House Concurrent Resolution 31-Senate Bill 103
341991 General Session, Senate Bill 104-229
351991 General Session, Senate Bill 232-Senate Concurrent Resolution 13; 1991 First Special Session, House Bill 1-Senate Concurrent Resolution 2; 1991 Second Special Session, House Bill 1-Senate Bill 7; 1992 General Session, House Bill 4-58
361992 General Session, House Bill 58-270
371992 General Session, House Bill 271-Senate Bill 24
381992 General Session, Senate Bill 25-109
391992 General Session, Senate Bill 112-213
401992 General Session, Senate Bill 214-Senate Concurrent Resolution 18; 1992 Third Special Session, House Bill 1-Senate Bill 1