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2. Access to Records (63G-2-2)

Part Two delineates access rights to government records. These access rights include who has the right to inspect records, what restrictions exist and who has rights to access restricted records. Part Two specifies what fees may be properly assessed and the time limits to request, fulfill, and appeal records requests. Records officers must understand Part Two of GRAMA in order to fulfill records requests properly.

2.1. Records requests (63G-2-204)

2.2. Right to inspect records (63G-2-201)

2.3. Access to private, controlled, and protected records (63G-2-202)

2.4. Fees (63G-2-203)

2.5. Denials (63G-2-205)

2.6. Sharing records (63G-2-206)

2.7. Subpoenas (63G-2-207)