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1. Public Records Management Act (PRMA)

Two chapters of Utah Code primarily govern the access and management of government records. The first is the Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA) which is Utah's open records law (Utah Code 63G-2). GRAMA establishes records access requirements for governmental entities. The Public Records Management Act (PRMA) mandates state ownership of government records and requires their effective management and care (Utah Code 63A-12). The Public Records Management Act also establishes the record keeping responsibilities of governmental entities. It defines the responsibilities of the Division of Archives and Records Service, the State Archivist, and the Government Records Ombudsman.

1.1. Definitions

1.2. Records are the property of the state

1.3. Duties of governmental entities

1.4. Records management options for political subdivisions

1.5. Duties of the Division of Archives and Records Service (63A-12-101)