Municipal Schedule 17
Cemetery Records



Interment/Disinterment Registers (MUN 17-5)

These registers serve as a cross-reference to plat books. They are arranged numerically by interment number. They include interment number, name of deceased, permit number, date interred, certificate number, date of death, location of grave by plot, lot, tier, name of undertaker, owner of lot, and pertinent information on removal (if applicable).


Permanent. May be transferred to the State Archives.

(Approved 06/1997)


Receipt Books (MUN 17-9)

These are receipts issued for money received for burial lots. They are used to record money generated by the cemetery. They include date, receipt number, name of person making payment, amount received, fees involved, credits, cash sales, and may include the address of person making payment.


Retain for 3 years and then destroy.

(Approved 12/1997)


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