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Case Title/Participants Appeals Paperwork
Blake v. Dept. Public Safety 2020-67
Del Porto v. Salt Lake CIty School District 2020-68
Hartman (Utah Investigative Journalism) v. Beaver Valley Hospital 2020-69
Howell Williams v. Dpt. of Corrections 2020-81
Steven Onysko v. Attorney General's Office 2019-144, 2020-01
Steven Onysko v. Division of Drinking Water 2020-21
Brodis (Deseret News) v. Salt Lake County 2020-47
Cody Wright v. Dept. of Corrections 2020-63
Ozwald Balfour v. Dept. of Corrections 2020-64
Brady Eames v. Utah League of Cities and Towns 2020-66
Brady Eames v. Logan City 2020-73
Jason Guinasso (Hutchison & Steffan) v. American Preparatory Academy 2020-88
Steven Onysko v. Attorney Generals Office 2020-18 & 2020-86
Brady Eames v. Utah Local Government Trust 2020-65, 2020-80, & 2020-82

View previous requests and responses.


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