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Request Date Case Title/Participants Records Sought Appeals Paperwork
2017-09-22 Mine Shaft Brewing PC v. Summit County

Appealing the County’s decision that the Blue Ribbon Commission has no further records responsive to the GRAMA request.

2017-12-15 Evan Johnson v. Sandy City Appealing a fee waiver denial. johnson-v-sandy
2017-12-19 John Tilleman v. Ogden City Appealing the City and Local Appeals Board’s decision that no other records exist that are responsive to the GRAMA request for records that pertain to criminal activity that took place in 2016 at the Newgate Mall in Ogden, UT.  
2017-06-30 Patrick Sullivan v. Utah Attorney General’s Office Appealing access denial to emails sent to/or received from multiple individuals in the agency. sullivan-v-ag
2017-12-26 Ben Empey, Independent Journalist v. Utah Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control

Appealing a fee waiver denial.

2017-11-21 Jon Hagen v. Capstone Classical Academy Ogden, Utah Requested records pertaining to RFP responses, all communications with H-Wire, Executech and ETS, copies of voice mail, sign in roster, correspondences, and copy of bid matrix. hagen-v-cca
2017-09-29 Eric Peterson, The Utah Investigative Journalism Project v.Salt Lake City Police Department

Appealing partial access denial to reports provided regarding a cold case investigation of Anthony Adams.


View previous requests and responses.


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