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22-01 Patrick Sullivan vs.
Sanpete County
Records regarding discovery for a district court case; a request for e-mail messages, chats, or hangout messages involving specified employees of the Utah Department of Corrections; information referred to Sanpete County by the Utah Department of Corrections, Gunnison Prison. Appeal Partially Granted
22-02 Patrick Sullivan vs.
Utah Department of Corrections
Records about or in behalf of an inmate. Appeal Denied
22-03 Nickolas Parker vs.
Price City Police Department
A copy of all annual performance evaluations, job description, classification, pay range, promotions, educational accomplishments, rewards/recognitions, department development opportunities, emails or another article that has his name on or in it and a copy of any disciplinary action including all internal affairs investigations. Appeal Partially Granted
22-04 Brian Donegan vs.
Grand County Sheriff's Department
Any and all information relating to the murder of Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner including type/caliber of the weapon, type of wounds, and the exact location of where the bodies had been found. I Appeal Denied
22-05 Courtney Tanner, Salt Lake Tribune vs.
University of Utah & Utah System of Higher Education
All comments submitted via the email created and operated by the Utah System of Higher Education and the public to give thoughts on the three finalists during the most recent University of Utah presidential search. Appeal Denied
22-06 Patrick Sullivan vs.
Utah Department of Corrections
A fee waiver and expedited access to initial contact reports, media statements, statistics, correspondence, and surveillance footage related to the elimination of the A/B schedule. Appeal Denied
22-07 Jonathan Bejarano vs.
Utah Board of Education
  Order of Continuance
22-08 Jennifer Orton vs.
Salt Lake County
  Order of Continuance
22-09 Paul Amann vs.
Utah Department of Public Safety
Any and all records regarding a specified individual, including records of applications, communications, and correspondence involving that individual. Appeal Denied
22-10 Aaron Pacini vs.
Jordan School District
(1) Election results for all South Jordan Elementary Community Council ("SCC") 2021-2022 elections; (2) The SCC election rules and procedures governing all SCC 2021-2022 elections; (3) The names of each SCC member including parents and teachers, the beginning dates of their service and the ending date of their current term; (4) All emails, texts, and other communications (regardless of official or personal communications) to or from South Jordan Elementary's principal, vice-principal, other administrators and office staff regarding SCC in the calendar year 2021, SCC election(s) for the year 2021-2022 and Pacini by name or reference including Aaron, Shalene, Christopher, Jacob, Timothy or Nathan; (5) All emails, texts or other communications (personal or official) from or to two specified individuals regarding the SCC 2021-2022 election including references to "Pacini," any candidate, the election process, results, etc.; and (6) The number of students in each SJE class from each Dibels category. Appeal Denied
22-11 Jonathan Bejarano vs.
Utah State Board of Education
All e-mails on Board Member Cline's Gmail from August 26, 2021 to September 29, 2021 that include one or more of the keywords "uea, critical race theory, crt, Johnson, Senator, Representative, Christiansen or UPU." Appeal Partially Granted
22-12 Jennifer Orten vs.
Salt Lake County
Communications received by or sent by Salt Lake County Clerk Sherrie Swensen and Mark Pemberton, communications by Ms. Swensen using the words “voter roll(s)” or “canvas(ing)(ers), and a fee waiver. Appeal Partially Granted
22-13 Thomas Swell vs.
University of Utah
Records from the Health Gastroenterology Endoscopy Center and Liver Clinic) between September 1, 2021 through September 30, 2021: (1) The full name, first and last, of each employee who worked a shift on each day; (2) The start time and end time of the shift for each fully named employee on each day; and (3) The team, position, assignment, role, and/or area of responsibility of each fully named employee who worked a shift on each day. Appeal Denied
22-14 Steven Onysko vs.
Utah Attorney General's Office
Unredacted records. Appeal Denied
22-15 Chad Lambourne vs.
Utah Highway Patrol
  Order of Continuance
22-16 Ian Cooperstein vs.
University of Utah
Correspondence between human resources for the University and two people regarding a complaint petitioner had previously filed. Appeal Denied
22-17 Adam Herbets vs.
Unified Police
  Order of Continuance
22-18 Adam Herbets vs.
Heber City Police
Copies of all settlement agreements, dispositions of claim, and/or nondisclosure agreements involving Heber City from January 1, 2021, through present day. Appeal Partially Approved
22-19 Adam Herbets vs.
Heber City Police
Records of communications with a specified individual. Order of Continuance
22-20 Brady Eames vs.
Utah Attorney General's Office
Records related to the trial and conviction of Michael Anthony Archuleta for the murder of Gordon Church in 1988. Specifically, “unique information in rough notes or drafts assembled or created and used to prepare other documents [that] adds proper understanding to the formulation and execution of policies, decisions, actions, or responsibilities” of the appellate division and the Solicitor General of the AG’s Office for the Archuleta case. Appeal Denied
22-21 Mark Tracy vs.
Emigration Improvement District
Legal invoices and evidence of payment submitted to the “EMIGRATION IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT" from the law firm of Cohne Kinghorn P.C., Parson Kinghorn and Harris P.C., and Gerald R. Kinghorn P.C. since August 1, 1998. Appeal Denied
22-22 Reginald Williams vs.
Utah Department of Corrections
Results of all covid test; cost and maker of covid test; person(s) that authorized/performed petitioner's covid test, and the reason for performing the covid test. Appeal Denied
22-23 Nate Carlisle vs.
Utah Department of Transportation
A copy of the report(s) Deer Valley Resort filed concerning the mechanical failure on the Carpenter Express chairlift on or about December 24, 2021. Appeal Granted
22-24 Adam Herbets vs.
Unified Police
Copies of all body camera footage of three police officers involved in two incidents. The records included body camera footage taken inside a medical facility. Appeal Denied
22-25 Adam Herbets vs.
Utah County Attorney's Office
Copies of all letters or e-mails received by the Utah County Sheriff’s Office explaining decisions by prosecutors with Respondent relating to the charging of a specified individual who was arrested in January 2022. Appeal Denied
22-26 Adam Herbets vs.
Heber City Police
  Order of Continuance
22-27 Courtney Tanner vs.
University of Utah
Any police reports regarding two University of Utah students, Haoyu Wang and Zhifan Dong. Appeal Granted
22-28 George Staheli vs.
Utah Tech University
All data the Cicero Group gathered for the Dixie State University name change process. Appeal Denied
22-29 Brady Eames vs.
Utah Department of Corrections
Records documenting the mental health status of an inmate and accounting records documenting tax funds used to provide mental health services to him. Appeal Denied
22-30 Parents Defending Education vs.
Salt Lake City School District
  Order of Continuance
22-31 Adam Herbets vs.
Farmington City
Records regarding a Farmington City employee: (1) Copies of all complaints filed against the employee in 2021 and 2022; (2) Copies of all attached records submitted alongside the complaints; (3) Copies of all files generated from a completed investigation; (4) Copies of all reports documenting the use of force; and (5) Copies of all electronic communication, including but not limited to emails and text messages sent by the employee and Farmington City Manager in 2022 and any responses to those sent messages. Appeal Denied
22-32 Eric Peterson vs.
Department of Natural Resources
A DNR investigative report from a 2018 hunt. Appeal Denied
22-33 Mike Brown vs.
Davis School District
A fee waiver for records held by Respondent, the Davis School District. Appeal Denied
22-34 Eric Peterson vs.
Utah Inland Port Authority
Drafts known as "Working Papers 2". Appeal Denied
22-35 Patrick Sullivan vs.
Sanpete County
Request limits within a calendar year. Appeal Denied
22-36 Parents Defending Education vs.
Salt Lake School District
  Order of Continuance
22-37 Aaron Davidson vs.
Alpine School District
A fee waiver for records held by Respondent, the Alpine School District. Appeal Denied
22-38 Eric Peterson vs.
Attorney General's Office
Attorney General Office’s review of a Department of Natural Resources investigative report from a 2018 hunt. Appeal Denied

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