What to Expect on Hearing Day

Meeting Begins at 9 a.m.

  • Arrive early for your hearing.  The Committee begins the meeting at 9 a.m. on the second Thursday of every month unless notified differently. Be patient.  Most hearings will take on average 1-2 hours depending on the complexity of the record series subject, motions, witness testimony, deliberations, in camera time, and legal consultation.
  • In most cases, inmate hearings will be heard first because of the coordination required to move the prisoner to an office with phone access, in addition to needing an officer to remain with the inmate during the hearing.


You're Up

When the Committee is prepared to hear your appeal it will direct you to one of the two tables set up in front of the Committee.  The Committee Chair will go over the hearing procedures and ask the Committee and party members to introduce themselves.



If a motion has been submitted for consideration, the Committee will hear arguments and make a ruling before proceeding with the rest of the hearing.  Each party is provided 5 minutes to address the Committee to make an argument and counter argument on the motion.


20-Minute Testimonies

After the motions are addressed the Chair will signal to the petitioner and respondent they each have 20 minutes to present testimony and evidence to support the case.  During this time the Committee members may ask questions.


5-Minute Closing Statements

After the testimony is complete, the petitioner and respondent each have 5 minutes for closing remarks.


Deliberation / In Camera / Motions

If the Committee has no further questions for the parties, the Committee will go in deliberation and/or in camera to review the records in question, if necessary.


When Will I Know the Outcome?

  • All deliberation and motions are accomplished in a public forum unless the Committee decides to go in camera to review records.  If the Committee goes in camera the meeting room will be cleared of everyone but the Committee members, counsel and paralegal, and executive secretary.
  • Once the Committee is back in session, a motion for a decision and order will be made either granting the relief sought, in whole or in part; or upholding the governmental entity’s access denial in whole or part.  The official order will be issued no later than 7 business days after the hearing.
  • After the official order is issued, each party shall comply with the order within 30 days.  The governmental entity shall provide a notice of compliance to the Committee.
  • If a party disagrees with the order, the party may file a notice of intent to appeal the order within 30 days for a judicial review of the Committee’s decision.

Page Last Updated June 29, 2017 .