Series 30285
State Prison Prisoner card name index

Dates: 1896-2002.

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These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

An agency history is available.

Scope and Content

This series contains index cards that provide information on inmates of the Utah State Prison. They are primarily used to identify a unique prisoner identification number that can then be used to access other records related to an inmate. There are three distinct index card types that comprise this series. Information on the first set of prisoner index cards (boxes 1-5) include: prisoner name, known aliases, and prisoner number. The second set of prisoner index cards are Inmate Intake Cards (boxes 6-34). Information on these index cards includes: name, place of birth, prisoner number, date of birth, crime committed, sentencing date, length of sentence, date the sentence was received, nationality, marital status, presiding judge, county, release date. Other personal identifying information on these cards includes a description of a prisoners height, weight, hair color, eye complexion, build, marks, scars, and Social Security number. In some cases a Federal Bureau of Investigation number and/or a State Identification Number appear on the card as well. The third set of prisoner index cards are Inmate Information Cards that include: prisoner name, date of birth, and prisoner number.


Alphabetical by prisoner surname.

Related Records

Prison commitment registers from the Department of Corrections. Inmate Services, Series 80388, contains the prisoner commitment register entries that are indexed by this series.

Custody History

These record books were transferred to the Utah State Archives and Records Service from the Department of Corrections on December 02, 2021.

Access Restrictions

This series is classified as Private: These records are regarded as private for 75 years according to UCA 63G-2-302(2). They contain information about race or national origin and disclosure of this and other personal information may constitute an unwarranted invasion of privacy.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Processing Note

These records were accessioned and processed by Jim Kichas in March 2022.

Container List

1 A-H
2 H-L
3 L-M
4 M-P
5 R-S
6 A-Ay
7 B-Bj
8 Bl-But
9 But-Chr
10 Chri-Cuz
11 Da-Dz
12 E-Flu
13 Flu-Giv
14 Gl-Gz
15 H-Hey
16 Hia-Iz
17 J
18 K
19 L-Lon
20 Long-Ly
21 M-Maz
22 Mc-Mit
23 Mit-Nick
24 Nick-Pay
25 Pea-Pyp
26 Q-Rod
27 Rodr-Sco
28 Scr-Sor
29 Sor-Sz
30 T
31 U-V
32 W-White
33 White-Wilso
34 Whilst-Wy
35 X-Z
36 A
37 B-Bez
38 Bi-Bro
39 By-Car
40 Ce-Col
41 Co-Dap
42 Dar-Dry
43 Du-Feu
44 Fi-Gal
45 Gar-Glo
46 Gom-Ham
47 Ham-Hey
48 Hia-Hy
49 I-Jon
50 Jones-Klo
51 Kn-Ley
52 Li-Mar
53 Martin-McF
54 McG-Miz
55 Moa-Ner
56 New-Oz
57 Pa-Pe
58 Pf-Reh
59 Rei-Ry
60 S-She
61 Shi-Squ
62 St-Thy
63 Tho-Vy
64 W-Wilk
65 Will-Z

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