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AgencySeriesLink to Collection
165Attorney General's OfficeColorado River Commission case files, 1925-1963Series 165
328Board of PardonsPrisoner pardon application case files, 1892-1949Series 328
83781Cache County (Utah). County ClerkBirth registers, 1898-1905Series 83781
23726Cache County (Utah). Probate CourtCivil case files, 1860-1887Series 23726
1134Capitol CommissionCapitol design competition renderings, 1909-1917Series 1134
1135Capitol CommissionCapitol building plans, 1912-1914Series 1135
11273Capitol CommissionNewspaper clippings, 1909-1917Series 11273
11275Capitol CommissionPhotographs, 1909-1917Series 11275
11274Capitol CommissionMinutes, 1909-1916Series 11274
83918Capitol CommissionBiennial reports, 1913-1916Series 83918
83869Carbon County (Utah). County ClerkRegister of Births, 1898-1905, 1918Series 83869
83870Carbon County (Utah). County ClerkRegister of Death, 1898-1905Series 83870
29770Carbon County (Utah). County ClerkBirth reports, 1898-1904Series 29770
28279Cedar City (Utah)City and cemetery map, 1902Series 28279
3179Commission on the Reorganization of the Executive BranchState agency reorganization records, 1966-1967Series 3179
2217Commissioner of Indian War RecordsIndian War affidavits, 1907-1909, Indian War affidavits, 1907-1909Series 2217
3212Constitutional Convention (1895)Records, 1895, Records, 1895, Records, 1895, Records, 1895Series 3212
3214Constitutional Convention (1895)State Constitution, 1895Series 3214
12795Constitutional Convention (1895)Dockets, 1895Series 12795
6300Convention to Ratify the 21st Amendment (1933)Administrative records, 1933Series 6300
10324Councils of DefenseOgden City War Activities Committees records, 1917-1919Series 10324
29647Councils of DefenseTooele County Council of Defense Honor Roll, 1917-1919Series 29647
29641Councils of DefenseWashington County Council of Defense records, 1917-1919Series 29641
11802Davis County (Utah). County ClerkBirth register, 1898-1905Series 11802
29759Davis County (Utah). County ClerkBountiful Precinct Register of Deaths, Series 29759
84244Davis County (Utah). County ClerkDeath registers, 1898-1905Series 84244
22990Davis County (Utah). County SheriffAlien enemy registration forms, 1941-1945Series 22990
5886Davis County (Utah). County SurveyorMaps, 1890-1919Series 5886
540Department of Agriculture and Food. Division of Animal IndustryBrand books, 1849-1930Series 540
11571Department of HealthSheep radiation studies, 1953-1955Series 11571
24130Department of Public SafetyThistle landslide photographs, 1983Series 24130
887Department of TransportationHighway maps, 1911-2017Series 887
25122Department of TransportationOfficial photographs index, 1965-1998Series 25122
25473Department of Transportation. Office of Community RelationsSubject Photographs, 1967-1968Series 25473
25229Department of Transportation. Office of Community RelationsOfficial photographs: Thistle disaster documentation, 1983-1984Series 25229
27735District Court (Eighth District : Uintah County)Probate index , 1888-1990Series 27735
27736District Court (Eighth District : Uintah County)Civil case indexes, 1900-1990Series 27736
27737District Court (Eighth District : Uintah County)Criminal case index, 1980-1990Series 27737
24549District Court (Fifth District : Beaver County)Case indexes, 1896-1998Series 24549
18194District Court (Fifth District : Iron County)Civil case index, 1896-1925Series 18194
18187District Court (Fifth District : Iron County)Civil registers of actions, 1896-1958Series 18187
26659District Court (Fifth District : Iron County)Probate index, 1899-1924Series 26659
18218District Court (Fifth District : Iron County)Probate registers of actions, 1908-1990Series 18218
26629District Court (Fifth District : Iron County)Criminal registers of actions, 1896-1990Series 26629
14238District Court (First District : Box Elder County)Civil case indexes, 1893-1978Series 14238
26052District Court (First District : Box Elder County)Probate minute books, 1886-1904Series 26052
29731District Court (First District : Rich County)Civil and probate case indexes, 1884-1947Series 29731
29730District Court (First District : Rich County)Probate case index, 1884-1986Series 29730
29729District Court (First District : Rich County)Civil case index, 1896-1979Series 29729
29733District Court (First District : Rich County)Criminal register of actions, 1896-1998Series 29733
28199District Court (Fourth District : Uintah County)Criminal registers of action, 1925-1964Series 28199
26110District Court (Fourth District : Utah County)Probate index to actions, 1896-1986Series 26110
26112District Court (Fourth District : Utah County)Civil index to actions, 1896-1986Series 26112
25943District Court (Fourth District : Utah County)Criminal registers of action, 1896-1946Series 25943
26068District Court (Second District : Davis County)Civil and criminal case indexes, 1896-1985Series 26068
26067District Court (Second District : Davis County)Criminal registers of actions, 1926-1986Series 26067
26958District Court (Second District : Weber County)Criminal registers of action, 1946-1988Series 26958
26955District Court (Second District : Weber County)Probate registers of action, 1960-1986Series 26955
26957District Court (Second District : Weber County)Index to civil actions, 1970-1988, Index to civil actions, 1851-1969Series 26957
26956District Court (Second District : Weber County)Probate registers index, 1894-1960Series 26956
17463District Court (Second District : Weber County)Criminal case indexes, 1879-1947Series 17463
24291District Court (Second District)Criminal case files, 1874-1877Series 24291
4031District Court (Seventh District : Carbon County)Criminal case files, 1897Series 4031
13475District Court (Sixth District : Sevier County)Naturalization record books, 1896-1965Series 13475
13476District Court (Sixth District : Sevier County)Declarations of intention record books, 1896-1929Series 13476
13126District Court (Third District : Salt Lake County)Criminal case index, 1916-1971, Criminal case index, 1916-1975Series 13126
6071District Court (Third District : Salt Lake County)Civil case indexes, 1896-1968Series 6071
17611District Court (Third District : Salt Lake County)Probate records index, 1876-1979Series 17611
3243District Court (Third District)Case file index, 1871-1896Series 3243
83623Division of Administrative RulesUtah Administrative Code, 1987-1989Series 83623
17170Division of Archives and Records ServiceOaths of office, 2005-[ongoing]Series 17170
2210Division of Archives and Records ServiceTerritorial militia records, 1849-1875Series 2210
2229Division of Archives and Records ServiceWorld War I draft board registers, 1917-1918Series 2229
28841Division of Archives and Records ServiceBingham Canyon photographs, 1923-1978Series 28841
23346Division of Corporations and Commercial CodeIncorporation case files index, 1981Series 23346
2847Division of Parks and RecreationAdministrative records, 1959Series 2847
3192Division of State HistoryAdministrative files, 1897Series 3192
84038Emery County (Utah). County ClerkBirth registers, 1898-1905Series 84038
84073Garfield County (Utah). County ClerkBirth registers, 1898-1905Series 84073
2235Governor (1850-1857 : Young)Indian Affairs Account book, 1852-1857Series 2235
12353Governor (1850-1857 : Young)Special election proclamation, 1853Series 12353
13844Governor (1850-1857 : Young)Letterbook, 1853-1857Series 13844
245Governor (1889-1893 : Thomas)Correspondence, 1891-1892, Correspondence, 1874-1892Series 245
226Governor (1909-1917 : Spry)Correspondence, 1917Series 226
2941Governor (1909-1917 : Spry)Joseph Hillstrom correspondence, 1914-1916Series 2941
6875Governor (1909-1917 : Spry)Joseph Hillstrom petitions, 1914-1916Series 6875
6642Governor (1909-1917 : Spry)Joseph Hillstrom case records, 1915-1916Series 6642
209Governor (1925-1933 : Dern)Speeches, 1914-1933Series 209
206Governor (1925-1933 : Dern)Colorado River Compact subject file, 1926-1936Series 206
22918Governor (1933 -1941 : Blood)Colorado River correspondence, 1933-1940Series 22918
211Governor (1949-1957 : Lee)Correspondence, 1948-1951Series 211
13855Governor (1957-1965 : Clyde)Newspaper clippings, 1957-1964Series 13855
19516Governor (1957-1965 : Clyde)Tarragona, Spain student album, 1955Series 19516
4532Governor (1977-1985 : Matheson)State agency correspondence, 1977-1983Series 4532
13374Governor (1993-2003 : Leavitt)News clippings, 1993-2003Series 13374
23858Governor (1993-2003 : Leavitt)Time capsule, 1993-2003Series 23858
25848Governor (1993-2003 : Leavitt)Executive correspondence, 2003-2004Series 25848
25232Governor (1993-2003 : Leavitt)Photographs, 1993-2003Series 25232
26045Governor (1993-2003 : Leavitt)Ethnic office records, 1993-2003Series 26045
26017Governor (1993-2003 : Leavitt)2K2 Program Records, 1993-2003Series 26017
25853Governor (2003-2005 : Walker)Press releases, 2003-2004Series 25853
25844Governor (2003-2005 : Walker)Newspaper clippings, 2003-2004Series 25844
25851Governor (2003-2005 : Walker)Photographs, 2003-2004Series 25851
26353Governor (2003-2005 : Walker)Scrapbooks, 1993-2004Series 26353
25854Governor (2003-2005 : Walker)Speeches and official statements, 2003-2004Series 25854
25847Governor (2005-2009 : Huntsman)Executive correspondence, 2005Series 25847
25858Governor (2005-2009 : Huntsman)Schedule, 2005-2009Series 25858
25861Governor (2005-2009 : Huntsman)Press releases, 2005-2009Series 25861
29628Governor (2005-2009 : Huntsman)Executive orders, 2005-2009Series 29628
30002Governor (2009-2021 : Herbert)Executive orders and proclamations, 2009-2015Series 30002
83886Grand County (Utah). County ClerkBirth registers, 1898-1905Series 83886
28192Honeyville (Utah)Cemetery maps, 1901Series 28192
28165Laketown Cemetery Maintenance District (Utah)Maps, 2010; 1868-2012Series 28165
3150Legislative AssemblyTerritorial legislative records, 1870Series 3150
16660Legislative Assembly. HouseJournal record books, 1858-1878Series 16660
3167Legislative CouncilJournal record books, 1858-1882Series 3167
83155LegislatureLaws of Utah, 2004-2021, Laws of Utah, 1870, Laws of Utah, 2022Series 83155
3298LegislatureLittle Hoover Commission administrative records, 1965-1966Series 3298
456Legislature. House of RepresentativesJournals, 2001-2022Series 456
432Legislature. House of RepresentativesWorking bills, 1896-1989Series 432
409Legislature. SenateJournals, 2001-2022Series 409
428Legislature. SenateWorking bills, 1896-1989Series 428
28355Levan (Utah)Cemetery maps, 1940-2000Series 28355
20220Lieutenant Governor City and town information files, 1888-2003, 2007-2010Series 20220
85039Lieutenant Governor Governors' executive orders and proclamations, 1993-2004Series 85039
28164Logan (Utah). Parks and RecreationCemetery maps, 1968Series 28164
28271Morgan (Utah)Cemetery maps, 1964-1982Series 28271
83806Morgan County (Utah). County ClerkBirth and death register, 1898-1905Series 83806
10339National Guard145th Field Artillery scrapbook, 1917-1918Series 10339
2401Office of the State EngineerColorado river water appropriations locations roster, 1879-1903.Series 2401
13912Office of the State EngineerColorado River project records, 1908-1968Series 13912
81437Office of Vital Records and StatisticsSoundex birth certificate index, 1904-1924Series 81437
81443Office of Vital Records and StatisticsBirth certificates, 1905-1918Series 81443
81448Office of Vital Records and StatisticsDeath certificates, 1905-1969Series 81448
7172Office of Vital Records and StatisticsFetal death certificates, 1964-1968Series 7172
27190Ogden (Utah). City RecorderBirth register, 1890-1905, Birth register, 1890-1905Series 27190
27746Ogden (Utah). City RecorderMayors photographs, 1851-2000Series 27746
13300Ogden (Utah). Ogden Police DepartmentArrest and jail record books, 1902-1941Series 13300
85147Park City (Utah). City RecorderBirth register, 1892-1897Series 85147
3761Piute County (Utah). County ClerkIncorporation case files, 1935Series 3761
28166Plymouth Cemetery Maintenance District (Utah)Map, 1894-2012Series 28166
20947Rich County (Utah). County ClerkBirth register, 1898-1905Series 20947
20948Rich County (Utah). County ClerkDeath register, 1898-1905Series 20948
29680Rich County (Utah). County ClerkBirth reports, 1895-1902; 1968; 1986Series 29680
29682Rich County (Utah). County ClerkRegister of deaths and births, 1887; 1898-1905; 1912Series 29682
29681Rich County (Utah). County ClerkDeath reports, 1898-1901; 1903-1904Series 29681
959Road Commission. Department of HighwaysOutdoor advertising sign inventories, 1965-1975Series 959
4922Salt Lake City (Utah). City AssessorTax assessment rolls, 1856-1892Series 4922
28225Salt Lake City (Utah). City RecorderLand records, 1848-1866Series 28225
8690Salt Lake City (Utah). Division of Building Services and LicensingBuilding permit registers , 1889-1954Series 8690
23526Salt Lake City (Utah). Fire DepartmentPhotographs, 1885-1975Series 23526
4927Salt Lake City (Utah). Water CommissionWater Committee's records, 1931-1939Series 4927
23036Salt Lake City School District (Utah)School Children's Constitution and Flag Monument books, 1932-1952Series 23036
1621Salt Lake County (Utah). Probate Court,District Court (Third District : Salt Lake County)Probate case files, 1877-1944, Probate case files, 1852-1896Series 1621
84239San Juan County (Utah). County ClerkBirth registers, 1898-1905Series 84239
15842Sanpete County (Utah). County ClerkDeath register, 1898-1905Series 15842
84106Sanpete County (Utah). County ClerkBirth register, 1898-1905Series 84106
20316Secretary of StateTrademark samples, 1965-1979Series 20316
401Secretary of StateTrademarks registers, 1881-1979Series 401
20221Secretary of StateInterstate compacts, 1922Series 20221
241Secretary of the TerritoryTerritorial executive papers, 1849-1896Series 241
14107Semi-Centennial CommissionBook of the Pioneers, 1897Series 14107
29661Sevier County (Utah)Miscellaneous maps collection, 1883-1999Series 29661
28163Smithfield (Utah)Cemetery map, 1952Series 28163
8564Spring City (Utah)Council minutes, 1871-1886Series 8564
30013Spring City (Utah)City plat map, 1888Series 30013
29998Spring City (Utah)Cemetery maps, 1891-1957Series 29998
1173State Planning BoardPower resources records, 1931-1938Series 1173
1180State Planning BoardWater resources reports, 1912-1941Series 1180
20999State Planning BoardWater resources drainage basin reports, 1934-1938Series 20999
21000State Planning BoardWater resources minutes, 1934-1941Series 21000
15274State Records CommitteeMinutes, 1992-2009Series 15274
3539Tooele County (Utah). County ClerkDeath reports, 1898-1905Series 3539
3537Tooele County (Utah). County ClerkBirth reports, 1898-1905Series 3537
84240Tooele County (Utah). County ClerkRegister of births, 1898-1905Series 84240
84247Tooele County (Utah). County ClerkRegister of deaths, 1898-1905Series 84247
5015Uintah County (Utah). County ClerkIncorporation case files, 1936Series 5015
5585Utah County (Utah). County ClerkMarriage license applications, 1897-1917Series 5585
24144Utah County (Utah). County ClerkDeath registers, 1898-1905Series 24144
84185Utah County (Utah). County ClerkBirth registers, 1898-1905Series 84185
6307Utah State Historical SocietyWorld War I records, 1917-1923Series 6307
19959Utah State Historical SocietyWorld War military listings, 1917-1951Series 19959
85298Utah State Historical SocietyWorld War I service questionnaires, 1914-1918Series 85298
28233Warren-West Warren Cemetery Maintenance District (Utah)Maps, 1958Series 28233
3166Washington County (Utah). County ClerkBirth registers, 1898-1905Series 3166
17893Washington County (Utah). County ClerkIncorporation case files, 1912-1941Series 17893
26784Washington County (Utah). County ClerkBirth reports, 1903-1905Series 26784
28891Weber County (Utah). Clerk of the County Court1850 Federal Census Weber County population schedule, 1851Series 28891
5282Weber County (Utah). County ClerkDentistry and Optometry Board certificates, 1907-1920Series 5282
28167Wellsville (Utah)Cemetery map, 1970Series 28167

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