Transfer or Recall Records

Records and Information Management

Offsite storage for government records

Government entities in the state of Utah may send records to the State Records Center in Clearfield for offsite storage of permanent and non-permanent records, and may recall those records to their office at any time. Records storage is offered at no cost to the agency, aside from using our customized box. Records remain in the custody of the creating agency.

Government entities may transfer permanent records (including electronic records) to State Archives in Salt Lake City for preservation. Records transferred to State Archives may be accessed via the State Archives Reference Room.

Electronic records transfers

Please contact your records and information management (RIM) specialist to arrange a transfer of permanent electronic records. Non-permanent electronic records should be managed within each agency.

To transfer electronic records, use this form and send it to your RIM specialist (not the Records Center). We need to know ahead of time how much volume to expect, as well as other details. You will be contacted by the Archives, and together we will arrange for the best transfer methodology.

Contact your RIM specialist