Retention Schedules

Records and Information Management

A roadmap for managing records

Government agencies in Utah use approved retention schedules to help manage their records. A retention schedule is like a roadmap for records that says how long to keep a record, and what to do with it once it no longer has any value. Find, create, or revise a schedule below.

Find a general retention schedule

General retention schedules are pre-approved retention schedules that can be used by any Utah governmental entity.

General retention schedules
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Agency-specific retention schedules

Find retention schedules for state and local government agencies, education agencies, courts, the Legislature, and the Governor's Office.

Find retention schedules

Create or revise a retention schedule

Ready to create a new retention schedule or revise an existing schedule? Fill out this form to get started.

Create or revise a retention schedule

General retention schedule updates

See proposed updates to general retention schedules, and provide feedback.

General retention schedule updates

File local ordinances and policies with State Archives

Political subdivisions must notify State Archives of any retention schedules, designations, and classiļ¬cations of records they maintain, no later than 30 days after the policy or ordinance effective date. See Utah Code 63G-2-701.

How to file ordinances and policies

Records Management Committee

The Records Management Committee is the public body authorized to approve retention schedules for Utah governmental entities. Learn more about the committee and its mandate.

About the Records Management Committee

About retention schedules

Not sure where to start? Learn more about retention schedules and how to use them.

About retention schedules