Order Boxes

Transfer or Recall Records

A box built to last

Records stored at the State Records Center must be housed in Records Center boxes, available for purchase from Office Depot. These boxes have been specially contracted to meet State Archives' specifications:

  • 35 pound maximum box weight
  • edge crush test weight of 550 pounds
  • pre-printed areas for agencies to label for consistent data entry into Archives' system

To order boxes

  1. Call Office Depot at 1-888-263-3423.
  2. Provide your agency's Office Depot Customer Number.
    If you don't have a customer number, you'll be invited to establish one. You won't be able to order Records Center boxes without it, and the Office Depot representative must have your account open before they can access the box item number in their computer system.
    • Please note that agencies must have a state contract (NASPO) account with Office Depot in order to order the boxes. To set up a NASPO account, contact the Office Depot representative listed below.
  3. Provide the item number for the boxes, which is 285052. The boxes cost $4.22 each.
    • If you're quoted a higher price, make sure the Office Depot Representative has your account open and is quoting you the state contract account price for the boxes.
  4. Complete the transaction.
  5. If you've followed these steps in order and still have problems ordering the boxes, please contact:
        Joe Taylor, Senior Account Manager

Online ordering

State of Utah users have the ability to order these boxes online via www.ODPBusiness.com.

Local government agencies needing to order boxes online should contact the Office Depot representative listed above, who can flag the Archives box item in the system for online purchase by the local government agency.

Oversize boxes

For information about ordering oversize boxes, please contact us.

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