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The Utah State Archives is the repository for many permanent government records relating to education, including records from the Utah State Board of Education and the Utah Board of Higher Education. Education records date back to the establishment of the territory.

Student Records and Transcripts

For student records from elementary and secondary schools (K-12), contact the appropriate school and district office. The Utah State Board of Education provides a schools directory online. In most cases, student records follow the student to whatever school in which they terminate their education. For example, if the student graduated high school, the grade school records would be found at the high school from which the student graduated.

University and college records are never transferred to us, but stay with the school. Contact the Registrar’s office (or similar) for the specific transcript ordering process at each school.

Student records are private and only available to the subject of the records, or a parent for a minor child. The federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) govern access to a student’s educational records. These laws are also recognized in Utah Code Title 53E, Chapter 9, Part 202.

Columbus School
Board of Regents
Annual Reports, 1969-[ongoing] Series 19531
Coordinating Council of Higher Education
Annual Reports, 1959-1969 Series 20046
Schools for the Deaf and the Blind
Annual Reports, 1896-[ongoing] Series 9167
Secretary of State
Compiled Digest of Administrative Reports, 1957-1966 Series 3530
Public Documents Serial Set, 1896-1956 Series 240
State Office of Education
Annual Reports, 1864-[ongoing] Series 84427

Reports and Data About Education

Annual reports are an outline of the state's public and higher educational systems and are designed to provide a public account of the school system.

Reports and Data About Educators

Information about state and local administrative personnel, offices, school districts, and educational organizations. Additional reports cover salaries and professional development of educators.


Salaries have been reported at various times for teachers and other educators. Such reports may include comparative data on teacher salaries, a district-by-district compilation of the salary schedules, salary surveys, and more.

  • State Office of Education. Salary Reports, 1941-[ongoing] (Series 4595)
  • State Office of Education. Salary Schedule Information Reports, 1966-[ongoing] (Series 10820)


Ranging from a list of teachers to lists of schools and related offices, directories are compiled to provide contact information and summaries of schools and education.

  • State Office of Education. Salary Reports, 1941-[ongoing] (Series 4595)
  • State Office of Education. Salary Schedule Information Reports, 1966-[ongoing] (Series 10820)

Laws and Legislation

Legislation for education is an important part of annual sessions of the Utah Legislature. The Utah State Board of Education includes legislative relations in one of its departments in order to prepare proposals, reports, and respond to requests from legislators. Other state and local agencies involved with education are also likely to have records related to the legislative process. School Laws were often compiled as pamphlets to provide reference to specific portions of the Utah Code.

State Board of Education
Utah School Laws, 1880-1978 Series 84855
Legislative Program Manuals, 1967-[ongoing] Series 84436

Finances and Budgeting

Budget requests to the Legislature for funding and finance reference manuals which assist in understanding how public schools are funded.

Board of Regents
Operating Budget Requests, 1970-[ongoing] Series 19535
Coordinating Council of Higher Education
Budget Reports, 1960-1969 Series 20047
State Board of Education
Budget and Appropriation Requests, 1967-[ongoing] Series 3269
State Office of Education
School Finance Reference Manuals, 1979-[ongoing] Series 10816


Curriculum guides and materials assist teachers in their individual subjects and introduce new concepts while reinforcing prior instruction. The curriculum reports contain information relating to evaluations, studies and analyses of curriculum.

  • Coordinating Council of Higher Education. Curriculum Reports, 1962-1966 (Series 20070)
  • Schools for the Deaf and the Blind. Curriculum Guides, 1924-[ongoing] (Series 10689)
  • State Board of Education. Core Curriculum Standards Reports, 1987-[ongoing] (Series 10728)
  • State Board of Education. Division of Curriculum and Instruction. Curriculum Guides and Teaching Supplements, 1928-[ongoing] (Series 84843)
  • State Board of Education. Division of Primary Education. Primary Grades Outlines, 1921-1931 (Series 84614)
  • State Board of Education. Textbook Commission. Official List of School Textbooks, 1918-[ongoing] (Series 84853)
  • State Board for Vocational Educations. Curriculum Guides, 1934-[ongoing] (Series 1401)
  • State Office of Education. Course of Study Manuals, 1894-1936 (Series 84857)
  • State Office of Education. Curriculum Reports, 1949-[ongoing] (Series 4969)
  • State Office of Education. Instructional Technology Section. Utah Network for Instructional Television Curriculum Guides, 1964-[ongoing] (Series 84858)

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