Transfer Instructions

Transfer or Recall Records

Offsite storage for government records

Follow these instructions to store boxes at the State Records Center in Clearfield, Utah. These instructions also apply to transferring records to State Archives. Read about the differences between State Records Center and State Archives.

To transfer permanent electronic records to State Archives, please contact your records and information management (RIM) specialist to make arrangements. Non-permanent electronic records should be managed within each agency.

1. Verify that the records have been scheduled

To transfer records, you'll need an Archives series number. If you don't have an Archives series number, fill out the form to
Create or revise a retention schedule. Your
Records and Information Management specialist will contact you to complete the process.

To find an existing series number,
find your agency's retention schedules.

a box of files with DOH OVRS written on it

2. Prepare boxes for transfer

Records must be stored in Records Center boxes which have been specially contracted to meet State Archives' specifications. These boxes may be purchased from Office Depot (see instructions) and should be prepared for transfer.

3. Submit the transfer form

Fill out the Records Transfer Request Form, including the series number and box numbers.

Submit a separate form for each different series number.

All boxes submitted on the same form should be shipped together.

After you submit the form, you'll receive an auto-confirmation email containing the information you submitted.

4. Arrange delivery of the boxes

The State Records Center staff will receive your form submission, verify the details, and, if everything is in order, send you an email stating you're authorized to send the records. If your form is missing vital information, staff will contact you to get the necessary information before authorizing delivery.

Once you've received authorization, you may make arrangements to ship the records.

For larger deliveries (20+ boxes), work with the Records Center staff to schedule the delivery (see Records Center contact information here).

Delivery services

When sending boxes via a delivery service such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, or State Mail, use the following address:
      Utah State Records Center
      PO Box 141029
      Salt Lake City, UT 84114-1029

State Mail

If State Mail is an option for you, you may send up to 6 boxes a day without scheduling a special pickup. For larger shipments, please call State Mail at 801-323-4300 to arrange a pickup.

In-person dropoff

Agencies may deliver records in person by arrangement only. Contact the Records Center to arrange a delivery.

Deliver boxes in person to:
      Utah State Records Center
      Freeport Center, Building C-6
      5th Street & C Street
      Clearfield, UT 84015

If you're unable to send or deliver your records to us using any of these methods, please contact your records and information management (RIM) specialist to make special arrangements.

Sending records to State Archives

Boxes going directly to State Archives (not the State Records Center) should be delivered to:
      Utah State Archives
      346 S. Rio Grande Street
      Salt Lake City, UT 84101

5. Maintain box information

Upon arrival of your boxes to the State Records Center, Records Services staff will verify that all boxes match the Records Transfer Request Form. They'll send an Accession Report to the Appointed Records Officer and whomever submitted the original transfer request form.

Records officers should maintain their Accession Reports and transfer request form submissions in a common location so future records officers may also access that information.