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Research Guides are arranged by research interests and topics. These guides will direct you to indexes, specific record series, and other resources that can help you find the record you are seeking at the Utah State Archives.

We have completely rebuilt our research guides and a few are still in progress. Let us know if you can't find a guide you need.


Our collection contains many useful primary and secondary sources for researching people, families, and communities in Utah. Our staff will attempt to locate and copy records related to specific individuals, but we can only search those record series that are indexed.

Birth Records
Birth Certificates, Delayed Birth Certificates, County Birth Registers

Marriage Records
Applications, registers, and licenses to marry

Death Records
Death Certificates, County Death Registers

Cemetery and Burial Records
Plot and internment records in public cemeteries

family portrait from late 1800's

Court Records

The most frequently requested court records are divorce decrees, naturalization or citizenship records, documentation of name changes, probate records, and criminal records.

Court Records
Overview of court organization, jurisdictions, and case types

Utah’s Court System
History and explanation of appellate courts, trial courts, and administration of the courts

Territorial Court Records
Summary of all extent court records from the territorial period

Naturalization and Citizenship
Guide to the process of an immigrant becoming a U.S. citizen

Civil (including divorce) Case Records
Summary of identifying and accessing civil lawsuits

Probate Case Records
Summary of identifying and accessing probate cases, including name changes and adoptions

Criminal Case Records
Summary of identifying and accessing criminal records

Register books

Land Records

We are the repository for many state and local government records relating to land and property history. You may explore records that document the history  of a family home, a business, or a government building.

Land Records
Property, buildings, and other records repositories

Territorial Land Records
Original land titles in Utah Territory

Old ledger book

Law and Legislation

We are the repository for permanent records of the Utah State Legislature, and  the regulatory Administrative Rules Office.

Legislative Records
Records of the lawmaking process in the House of Representative and Senate

Administrative Rules
Rules are created by agencies of the state's executive branch with the authority of law

Utah Law books

Governors of Utah

We hold many records from Utah’s governors, providing a glimpse into the important topics during their respective administrations.

Governors’ Records
Access to the official records of the chief administrative officer of the state

Governors’ Correspondence
The governor directly engages with issues of both local and national importance through correspondence


Utah History

Much of Utah’s History may be seen through the lens of its government entities and their records. These guides highlight especially important topics for Utah.

Mining Claims
Utah county recorders and mining district recorders kept documents associated with individual claims

Colorado River
Documenting the state’s ongoing planning and management of the Colorado River

Construction of the Utah State Capitol building

Military Records and History

We hold a large collection of early military records and will guide you to the locations of more recent service records.

Military Records
Explore service records and an overview for different wars and conflicts

Discharge Records
Find where discharge and benefit records for military service may be accessed

WW1 Soldier

Government Records About Business

One of the responsibilities of government is to ensure safe and functional economic activity.

Incorporation Records
County Clerks and the state agencies have shared responsibility for recording incorporation of businesses

Mt Carmel Junction Sign

Local Government

The records of local entities document the closest government to us as citizens.

City and County Records
Municipal and county government records

County Formation
History and boundaries of counties

Education Records
State and local school district records

criminal records from 1905
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