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Indexes by name are available for some of the highest use records at the Utah State Archives. Images of some records are available online. For all others, use the order form on each name or contact us at [email protected].

This search prioritizes the surname which has to be entered first, followed by an optional first name. You can then "browse" the full list of results in alphabetical order to find spelling variations and similar.

Learn more about the name indexes online with the following list, including:

AgencySeries TitleLink to Index
18132Ashbrook Mining District (Utah). Recorder Mining recordsSeries 18132
1129Battleship Utah Silver Service CommitteeAdministrative recordsSeries 1129
83770Beaver County (Utah). County ClerkIncorporation case filesSeries 83770
83773Beaver County (Utah). County ClerkBirth registersSeries 83773
83774Beaver County (Utah). County ClerkDeath registersSeries 83774
1328Board of Education. Office of EducationSchool building plans and specificationsSeries 1328
328Board of PardonsPrisoners' pardon application case filesSeries 328
17890Box Elder County (Utah). County ClerkIncorporation case filesSeries 17890
85171Box Elder County (Utah). Probate CourtCertificates of citizenship record booksSeries 85171
18128Box Elder Mining District (Utah). RecorderMining notices of locationSeries 18128
18129Box Elder Mining District (Utah). RecorderMining recordsSeries 18129
83781Cache County (Utah). County ClerkBirth registersSeries 83781
23726Cache County (Utah). Probate CourtCivil case filesSeries 23726
83869Carbon County (Utah). County ClerkRegister of BirthsSeries 83869
2217Commissioner of Indian War RecordsIndian War service affidavitsSeries 2217
11802Davis County (Utah). County ClerkBirth registerSeries 11802
4700Davis County (Utah). Probate CourtDivorce case filesSeries 4700
4731Davis County (Utah). Probate CourtDivorce register of actionsSeries 4731
540Department of Agriculture and Food. Division of Animal IndustryBrand booksSeries 540
81314Department of Cultural and Community Engagement. Division of Arts and MuseumsOriginal writing competition manuscriptsSeries 81314
27847Department of Public Safety. Peace Officers Standards & Training (POST)Graduating class photosSeries 27847
24289Department of Transportation. Office of Community RelationsOfficial photographsSeries 24289
85180District Court (Fifth District : Juab County)Citizenship certificate stubsSeries 85180
84156District Court (Fourth District : Wasatch County)Naturalization record booksSeries 84156
85182District Court (Fourth District : Wasatch County)Citizenship certificate stubsSeries 85182
85169District Court (Fourth District)Declarations of intention record booksSeries 85169
85174District Court (Second District)Declarations of intention record bookSeries 85174
1471District Court (Third District : Salt Lake County)Criminal case filesSeries 1471
1621District Court (Third District : Salt Lake County)Probate case filesSeries 1621
3851District Court (Third District : Salt Lake County)Coroners' inquest case filesSeries 3851
85112District Court (Third District : Salt Lake County)Citizenship certificate stubsSeries 85112
3845District Court (Third District)Incorporation case filesSeries 3845
6836District Court (Third District)Territorial criminal case filesSeries 6836
3769Division of Archives and Records ServiceMilitary death certificatesSeries 3769
17170Division of Archives and Records ServiceOaths of officeSeries 17170
84038Emery County (Utah). County ClerkBirth registersSeries 84038
10190Garland (Utah)City cemetery interment registersSeries 10190
226Governor SpryCorrespondenceSeries 226
83886Grand County (Utah). County ClerkBirth registersSeries 83886
22251Henry Mining District (Utah). RecorderMining recordsSeries 22251
83761Iron County (Utah). County ClerkBirth registersSeries 83761
83801Kane County (Utah). County ClerkBirth registersSeries 83801
7230Legislature. Office of Legislative Research and General CounselInterim committee historiesSeries 7230
83341Millard County (Utah). Justice of the Peace : Fillmore PrecinctDocket booksSeries 83341
81443Office of Vital Records and StatisticsBirth certificatesSeries 81443
81448Office of Vital Records and StatisticsDeath certificatesSeries 81448
27190Ogden (Utah). City RecorderBirth registerSeries 27190
3761Piute County (Utah). County ClerkIncorporation case filesSeries 3761
19502Piute County (Utah). County ClerkBirth registerSeries 19502
642Public Service CommissionCase filesSeries 642
3764Rich County (Utah). County ClerkIncorporation case filesSeries 3764
20947Rich County (Utah). County ClerkBirth registerSeries 20947
3922Salt Lake County (Utah). County ClerkBirth registersSeries 3922
373Salt Lake County (Utah). Probate CourtCivil and criminal case filesSeries 373
17504San Juan County (Utah). County ClerkIncorporation case filesSeries 17504
4952Sanpete County (Utah). County ClerkIncorporation case filesSeries 4952
15842Sanpete County (Utah). County ClerkDeath registerSeries 15842
84106Sanpete County (Utah). County ClerkBirth registerSeries 84106
240Secretary of StatePublic documents serial setSeries 240
242Secretary of StateExecutive record booksSeries 242
306Secretary of StateCriminal requisitions registersSeries 306
329Secretary of StatePardons granted record booksSeries 329
14107Semi-Centennial CommissionBook of the PioneersSeries 14107
17892Summit County (Utah). County ClerkIncorporation case filesSeries 17892
5015Uintah County (Utah). County ClerkIncorporation case filesSeries 5015
84029Uintah County (Utah). County ClerkBirth registersSeries 84029
5026Utah County (Utah). County ClerkIncorporation case filesSeries 5026
17893Washington County (Utah). County ClerkIncorporation case filesSeries 17893
5107Weber County (Utah). County ClerkBirth registerSeries 5107
1593Weber County (Utah). Probate CourtCivil and criminal case filesSeries 1593
83901Weber County (Utah). Probate CourtCivil and criminal case registers of actionsSeries 83901