Scan on Demand

What is Scan-On-Demand?

Scan-On-Demand is a new service that allows government agencies to receive a scanned image of records they need to recall from the Records Center, rather than the paper copy.

How the process works

When you recall a record via the Records Center Recall form, add a note in the “special instructions” box that you want the record sent electronically.

Records Center staff pulls the file and determines if it can be scanned and sent electronically.

Scanned images are sent within 24 business hours using either an encrypted email or a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server.

If the recalled file is over 100 pages in length, over 150 MB when imaged, or if it contains any court-sealed documents, bound books, or other record formats deemed to be unscannable, the Records Center notifies the agency and makes other arrangements for transfer.

To use the Scan-On-Demand service

Obtain approval from your agency’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO).

Fill out the online form.

Communicate with Lisa Catano at the State Records Center to arrange your preferred method for delivery. You can reach her at 801-525-3020 or [email protected].

Delivery method options include:

Encrypted email, encrypted via Virtru* email encryption software, which will require that you verify your email address in order to access the email contents, or Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server, which will require that you download and install a free SFTP client, such as WinSCP* or FileZilla*, and set up a free user account with us.


Contact the Records Center at 801-525-3020 or [email protected]

*This is not an endorsement.