Series 1603

Division of Health Radiation study radiological surveillance reports, 1963-1979.

12.00 cubic feet and 29 microfilm reels

These records are housed in the Utah State Archives' permanent storage room.

Historical Note

See history of the records' creator.

Summary of Records

This series contains daily radiation surveillance reports were taken at various locations across Utah. During the time that these daily surveillance reports were being compiled, Technical Data Surveillance Reports were also created. These included reports on Chinese, French and Soviet nuclear programs, as well as special nuclear programs that were carried out by the US.

Scope and Content

This series contains daily radiation surveillance reports that were taken at various locations across Utah. Records in this series documenting raw radiation levels exist for Beaver (1963-1968, 1970), Bryce Canyon (1965-1970), Cedar City (1962-1970), Delta (1965, 1967-1970), Dugway (1967-1970), Garrison (1967-1970), Logan (1967-1970), Moab(1967-1970), Monticello (1967-1970), Ogden (1966-1968, 1970), Parowan (1965-1968), Price(1966-1970), Provo (1965-1970), Richfield (1967-1970), Roosevelt (1964, 1968-1970), Salt Lake City (1967-1968, 1970-1974), St. George (1967-1968, 1970), Tooele (1970) and Wendover (1967-1968, 1970).
During the time that these daily surveillance reports were being compiled, Technical Data Surveillance Reports were also created. These included reports on Chinese, French and Soviet nuclear programs, as well as special nuclear programs that were carried out by the US, including Project Schooner, Project Rulison, Project Plowshares, Project Ferriswheel, Project Dribbleas well as Nuclear Testing. These files include publications from the Atomic Energy Commission.
Files have also been compiled for Uranium as a byproduct in the production of Coal, Copper Smelting, Phosphate and Zirconium.

Research Note

The records from Beaver are missing 1969. Delta is missing 1966. Ogden is missing 1969. Roosevelt is missing 1965-1967. Salt Lake City is missing 1969. St. George is missing 1969. Wendover is missing 1969.
Microfilming of this record series appears to have taken place in 1979. Restrictions on processing time prevented Archives staff from comparing reels to the hard copy record, so the decision was made to keep both the paper, as well as existing microfilm reels. Researchers may want to consider examining both sets of records to ensure that all existing information in this series is seen.


Chronological by year.

Additional Forms

This series is available on microfilm.

Access Restrictions

This series is classified as Public.

Use Restrictions

These records are available for reproduction and use.

Preferred Citation

Cite the Utah State Archives and Records Service, the creating agency name, the series title, and the series number.

Acquisition Information

These records were acquired from the creating agency through established retention schedules.

Processing Information

Physical processing of this series was completed by Dylan Mace in 2013. The final finding aid was drafted by Jim Kichas in September 2013.

Related Material

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Radiation studies from the Division of Health, Series 14086, contains correspondence, reports, data surveys, etc. regarding radiation in Utah and the West.
Administrative records from the Department of Environmental Quality. Division of Radiation Control, Series 16841, contains records and data that may remark and build upon the raw data found in this series.
Occupational health hazard records from the Division of Environmental Health, Series 27922, contains reports from across Utah that document radiation levels in the state.
Environmental Coordinating Committee agendas and minutes from the Division of Environmental Health, Series 27923, contains radiation reports with raw data that the ECC may have used in making environmental decisions for the state.

Container List

111963 Nov 11-Dec 31Beaver
141966 Dec 31-1967 Jun 29Beaver
151967 Jul 1-Dec 31Beaver
161968 Jan 1-Sep 9Beaver
171968 Jan 1-Sep 9Beaver
181966 Dec 31-1967 Jun 26Bryce Canyon
191967 Jul 1-Dec 31Bryce Canyon
1101962 Oct 1-Dec 31Cedar City
1111962 Dec 31-1963 Mar 26Cedar City
1121963 Apr 1-Jun 30Cedar City
1131963 Jul-SepCedar City
1141963 Oct-DecCedar City
1151965Cedar City
1161965Cedar City
1171966Cedar City
1181966Cedar City
1191967 Jan-JunCedar City
1201968 Apr 1-Dec 30Cedar City
1211982 Feb 5Fallout Documents Cross Reference Guide by Titles, Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Company (Microfiche)
221966-Bryce Canyon
231966-Bryce Canyon
241965 Mar 3-Dec 30Bryce Canyon
251964 Mar 5Cedar City
311967 Jul 1-Dec 31Garrison
321967 Jun 30-Dec 30Richfield
331967 Jul 4-1968 Dec 31Cedar City
341968Bryce Canyon
411967 Jul 2-Dec 31St. George
421967 Jul 1-Dec 31Salt Lake City
431967 Jul 1-Dec 19Logan
441967 Apr 4-Dec 25Parowan
451967 Jul 1-Dec 31Dugway
611968 Apr 1-Dec 31Logan
621968 Apr 1-Dec 31Logan
631967 Jan 7-1968 Apr 4PHS Radiation Surveillance Network: Salt Lake
641967 Jan 7-1968 Apr 4PHS Radiation Surveillance Network: Salt Lake
651970 Jan 7-Apr 4PHS Radiation Surveillance Network: Salt Lake
711964 Jun 30-Dec 30Roosevelt
721967 Jun 30-Dec 30Moab
731967 Jul 9-1968 Mar 31Logan
741967 Jul 9-1968 Mar 31Logan
811965 Dec 31-1967 Jun 29Richfield
821965 Dec 31-1967 Jun 29Richfield
831966 Dec 31-1967 Jun 19Richfield
841964 Dec 31-1965 Jan 31Provo
851966 Dec 31-1967 Jun 29Provo
881966 Jan 1-Aug 14Price
891967 Feb 3-Jun 28Price
8101966 Jan 1-Jul 24Ogden
8111966 Jul 25-Dec 31Ogden
8121967 Jan 1-Jun 29Ogden
8131965 Mar 12-1966 Feb 15Parowan
8141966 Jan 1-Aug 24Parowan
8151966 Jan 25-1967 Feb 13Parowan
8161967 Feb 14-Jun 25Parowan
911967 Jun 29-Dec 31Price
921967 Jul 1-Dec 31Provo
941967 Jun 30-Dec 31Ogden
951967 Jun 30-Dec 13Monticello
1031968St. George
1041968St. George
1111965 Mar 15-Dec 28Delta
1231968 Apr 1-Dec 31Wendover
1241968 Apr 1-Dec 31Wendover
1411967 Jul-1968 MarWendover
1421967 Jul-1968 MarWendover
1511968 Apr 5-Dec 31Salt Lake City
1521968 Apr 5-Dec 31Salt Lake City
1751968 Dec 30-1969 Oct 14Cedar City
1761968 Dec 30-1969 Oct 14Cedar City
1911968-1969Bryce Canyon
2021970Cedar City
2081970Bryce Canyon
2111970St. George
2121970St. George
2311970Salt Lake City
2321970Salt Lake City
2411971Salt Lake City
2421971Salt Lake City
2431972Salt Lake City
2441973Salt Lake City
2451974Salt Lake City
2461974Salt Lake City
2511964-1974Uranium as a Byproduct - Coal
2521964-1974Uranium as a Byproduct - Copper Smelting
2531964-1974Uranium as a Byproduct - Phosphate
2541964-1974Uranium as a Byproduct - Zirconium
2551973-1978Travel Per Diem
2561964-1974Tritium Information
2571963-1978Transportation of Radioactive Material
2581970-1972Utah Nuclear Energy Commission
2591970-1972Utah Nuclear Energy Commission
25101965-1969Technical Data and Surveillance Foreign - Chinese
25111968-1969Technical Data and Surveillance Project Schooner
25121969-1971Technical Data and Surveillance Project Rulison
25131964-1974Testing Analysis Sampling
25141964-1974Thatcher M.H. SLC
25151974-1977Hazardous Materials Information
25161973-1978Transportation of Nuclear Materials
25171964-1974Survey Reports
25181967-1975Technical Data and Surveillance Report Project - Plowshare
25191967-1975Technical Data and Surveillance Report Project - Ferris Wheel
25201967-1975Technical Data and Surveillance Report Project - Dribble
25211967-1975Technical Data and Surveillance Report Project - Nuclear Testing
25221969-1975Surveillance Report Testing
25231961-1970Technical Data and Surveillance Reports Foreign - Soviet
25241961-1970Technical Data and Surveillance Reports Foreign - French
25251973-1978Sales Notification Ionizing Radiation
25261977-1979Reports and Programs - Discrepancy Reports
25271977-1979Reports and Programs Court Rulings
25281965-1974Monthly Evaluation Reports
25291965-1974Monthly Evaluation Reports
11969-1974Radiation Surveillance Reports for Salt Lake City and Logan
21969-1973Radiation Surveillance Reports for Monticello and Garrison
31970Radiation Surveillance Reports for Price, Richfield, and Provo
41970-1971Radiation Surveillance Reports for Provo, Tooele, and Salt Lake City
51971-1973Radiation Surveillance Reports for Salt Lake City
61966-1974No Catalog Copy Film Available
71964-1971Radiation Surveillance Reports for Logan and Milford
81965-1974Radiation Surveillance Reports for Milford, Bryce, Logan, Springdale, and Monticello
91969-1973No Catalog Copy Film Available
101973No Catalog Copy Film Available
111968-1969No Catalog Copy Film Available
121968-1969No Catalog Copy Film Available
131968-1969No Catalog Copy Film Available
141968-1969Radiation Surveillance Reports for Monticello, Roosevelt, St. George, and Dugway
151968No Catalog Copy Film Available
161968No Catalog Copy Film Available
171968-1969No Catalog Copy Film Available
181967-1970Radiation Surveillance Reports for Moab, Wendover, and Logan
191967-1968No Catalog Copy Film Available
201967Radiation Surveillance Reports for Salt Lake City, Logan, Parowan, Dugway, and Roosevelt
211968No Catalog Copy Film Available
221967-1968No Catalog Copy Film Available
231967-1968No Catalog Copy Film Available
241968-1969No Catalog Copy Film Available
251968-1969No Catalog Copy Film Available
261968-1969No Catalog Copy Film Available
271968-1969No Catalog Copy Film Available
281968-1969Radiation Surveillance Reports for Garfield
291967-1968Radiation Surveillance Reports for Beaver and Dugway
301968Radiation Surveillance Reports for Beaver, Dugway, and Ogden
311968-1974Radiation Surveillance Reports for Ogden and Price
321968Radiation Surveillance Reports for Ogden
331967-1968Radiation Surveillance Reports for Dugway and Beaver
341967-1968Radiation Surveillance Reports for Bryce Canyon, Monticello, Garrison, and Price
351968-1969Radiation Surveillance Reports for Price, Parowan, and Logan
361968-1969Radiation Surveillance Reports for Garrison, Price and Bryce
371968-1974No Catalog Copy Film Available
381969Radiation Surveillance Reports for Bryce, Delta, Cedar City, and Moab
391968-1969Radiation Surveillance Reports for Maob, Roosevelt, and Richfield
401968-1969Radiation Surveillance Reports for Richfield, Salt Lake City, and Logan
411968-1969No Catalog Copy Film Available
421968Radiation Surveillance Reports for Richfield, Delta, and Moab
431968Radiation Surveillance Reports for Logan and Provo
441968No Catalog Copy Film Available
451967-1969Radiation Surveillance Reports for Moab, Wendover, Garrison, and Richfield
461967-1968Radiation Surveillance Reports for Cedar City, Bryce, Delta, and Price
471967Radiation Surveillance Reports for Provo, Monticello, Ogden, St. George, and Salt Lake City
481967No Catalog Copy Film Available
491967-1970No Catalog Copy Film Available
501970No Catalog Copy Film Available
511970No Catalog Copy Film Available
521970-1971No Catalog Copy Film Available
531971-1973No Catalog Copy Film Available
541966-1974No Catalog Copy Film Available
551964-1971No Catalog Copy Film Available
561965-1974No Catalog Copy Film Available
571969-1973No Catalog Copy Film Available
581967-1968No Catalog Copy Film Available
591968Radiation Surveillance Reports for Beaver and Dugway
601968-1974Radiation Surveillance Reports for Ogden and Price
611968-1969No Catalog Copy Film Available